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Sorry Missy and Jae i was not able to answer u directly as I was reading your posting in my mobile while waiting for my daughter to finish her dinner. Then dogwalk … Im sad now and it wasnt my meaning to hurt anyone. I guess im insensitive as Im still depressed after last year which was horrible. That may make me a bit preoccupied and self centered… I was just having a giggle on Teras behalf. As he is an “old” man having problem keeping up with his girls. I saw him in front of me, roaming GW2 looking for you and there u were in Wildstar all the time. But i had obviously a boot in my mouth and shouldnt have interfered in this thread ofcourse. tis just that i´v felt safe in this community and it has meant a lot to me this last months and actually helped me heal and helped me chase my demons away. So I didnt see this coming :`(