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@Xannziee wrote:

Sorry Missy and Jae i was not able to answer u directly as I was reading your posting in my mobile while waiting for my daughter to finish her dinner. Then dogwalk … Im sad now and it wasnt my meaning to hurt anyone. I guess im insensitive as Im still depressed after last year which was horrible. That may make me a bit preoccupied and self centered… I was just having a giggle on Teras behalf. As he is an “old” man having problem keeping up with his girls. I saw him in front of me, roaming GW2 looking for you and there u were in Wildstar all the time. But i had obviously a boot in my mouth and shouldnt have interfered in this thread ofcourse. tis just that i´v felt safe in this community and it has meant a lot to me this last months and actually helped me heal and helped me chase my demons away. So I didnt see this coming :`(

It is the internet and things can be misinterpreted, don’t worry about it Xannie, there is no personal negative thoughts here about you, I just wanted to tell you how I felt it came across. Reading is not the same as talking and sometimes things get misunderstood big time. So i’m sorry that I read it the wrong way, and you should not feel bad about it if you did not mean anything negative by it.
Of course you should be able to talk here even tho you don’t play Wildstar, don’t be silly 😀 The WHOOOLE forum is for all of us to share <3

Now lets group up for a huge hug, no men allowed tho, this is gurlshug mkaaaaai!