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    Many moons ago in Everquest land I went by the name of SenseiJinxer, not very creative but I was doing Karate at the time and the lads at work called me Jimmy the Jinx at work as whoever sat next to me in our lunchtime card session never won, ever lol.

    Anyway I carried this name to EQ2, and logged in one day to find it had been auto changed to some daft name. I got it changed by a GM but cos I was annoyed it got changed to Unhappy.

    Anyway I am not into surnames or titles but I think it was Spate, or Pity back then that came up with the idea of having a surname ‘withsoe’.

    So I was running around as ‘Unhappy Withsoe’ [Unhappy With SOE] cos they pissed me off losing my old name lol.

    Well they caught up with me and I just found this going through old HDD’s lol, this was the convo we had about my name, I was also killing trash for a Rare drop incase you do not get the Epic reference, which meant Epic Weapon which was a LONG questline 😀 . Also Trill means Troll as that was my Race.


    Aww friendly and easy going!


    Hahaha, good times. 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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