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    We had a guildmeeting this Tuesday, not sure if everyone was there.
    Basicly covered how we are going to recruit.

    We have decided to use the Rift Forum, Jacqques will make a post up there. We can bump it when the recruitement is going slowly, if we are getting flooded, we can just let it fall back a few pages till it calmes down again.

    Will allso use the ingame GuildFinder, wich I think Radly or Jacqques will sort out.

    If you have a blog, and you like to promote us that will allso be fine. But we don’t want an overflow of people, as we want our new members to feel welcomed and feel that they have found theire new home 🙂

    We will be searching for members like ourself, 18+, mature and casual people who like everything from picking flowers to slaughtering monsters or even other players. We dabble with just about everything here but in our own pace. Allso members who like to group up, do dungeons, old raids, and hopefully some experts and newer content at 60. All levels are welcome, we welcome the player not the class or level.

    There was allso mentioned that we would try to help out our new members as best we can, wether it be with dungeons or random questions, wich we allready do, cause we’re just a nice bunch of people!

    And if you have any suggestions about the guild, whatever it might be, please don’t be afraid to speak up and write down ur wishes, for the future of the guild, or something you find lacking about the guild.

    We allso want to hand out a big thank you to everyone who has been apart of making this forum , we are very thankful and very happy about our new forum. From all the forum sections, to the look and to our new awesome header. And to every member who are posting and making this forum so active.

    If I missed out on something feel free to add it under my post 🙂


    excellent summary thanks Missy, although you also volunteered to be a dungeon runner too 😆 , at least as I recall.


    @Missy wrote:

    who like everything from picking flowers

    I said this meeting is not just about Radly [Davhek]


    Nice summary though 😀


    Thanks Missy!


    I can run dungeons yahh. /gets boots ready!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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