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    Stats Priority:
    Strength > Accuracy (110%) > Surge (70%) > Power > Crit (25%)

    Combat Sentinels are the perfect combination of one of the most powerful burst rotations followed by decent filler abilities, making it an excellent spec for both burst and sustained dps. Precision Slash should be used as close to on CD as possible, according to the abilities that you have available to use in conjunction with it. PS lasts for 4.5 seconds and doesn’t respect the GCD, so it essentially lasts for 3 abilities, or 4 if you have Zen activated. Master Strike should only ever be used during a PS window, and has top priority. Blade Storm should only be used in conjunction with its proc, and should be your next priority after Master Strike. Due to Hand of Justice procs, Dispatch is free and generates 1 Focus, and it will always proc with a Precision Slash, so unless the PS is a non-Zen Master Strike + Blade Storm, it should always be used during the PS window that it procs. Twin Saber Throw is your next filler during a PS window, as it’s free and does better damage than Blade Rush. Blade Rush is your general all-purpose filler ability, as it will trigger Ataru Form strikes and Blade Storm procs, as well as dealing decent damage. When Master Strike, Blade Storm, Dispatch and Twin Saber Throw are all on cooldown, Blade Rush is your final ability to use during a PS window. The final ability in your rotation is Cauterize, which you should only be using when Precision Slash isn’t active, as a filler ability instead of a Blade Rush.

    Single Target – Priority

    Execute the following ability priority for optimal damage.
    1. Zen
    2. Precision Slash + Master Strike +/- Blade Storm
    3. Dispatch
    4. Blade Storm with Opportune Attack
    5. Blade Rush to maintain buff and proc Opportune Attack
    6. Twin Saber Throw if okay to AoE.
    7. Zealous Strike or Strike

    The key to the spec priority system is to remember the following:
    1. Use Zealous Strike or Strike if below 7 Focus.
    2. Maintain the buff from Zen.
    3. Use Precision Slash and follow with Master Strike. Try to squeeze in Blade Storm if buffed.
    4. Maintain the Blade Rush buff to more quickly activate Opportune Attack.
    5. Follow the priority list and use higher priority abilities as often as possible.

    Multiple Target (AoE) – Priority

    1. Zealous Strike
    2. Force Sweep
    3. Twin Saber Throw
    4. Cyclone Slash
    5. Strike

    Survivability Cooldowns

    • Rebuke
    • Guarded by the Force
    • Force Camouflage
    • Resolute
    • Transcendence

    Equipment Modding:

    Hilts, Crystals
    • Hilt: Advanced Might Hilt
    • Crystal: Advanced Red Hawkeye

    • Strength + Crit: Advanced Potent Mod
    • Strength+ Power: Advanced Deft Mod

    • Accuracy + Crit: Advanced Acute Enhancement
    • Accuracy + Power: Advanced Initiative Enhancement
    • Crit + Surge: Advanced Battle Enhancement
    • Power + Surge: Advanced Adept Enhancement

    • Endurance + Strength: Advanced Might Augment

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