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    In case you did not know there will be a World Cup coming to us soon.

    I will not be making any formal Events up across the dates listed in the subject heading.

    That is not to say we will not be doing anything but I may not be logging in on my usual routine. It will be random and based on a game I not that interested like Greece V AN Other :P. Who let them in anyways 😆

    Also this should not stop you lot gathering up and doing something if you are not going to bother with the World Cup.

    The dates above are the Group stages and not the full length of the World Cup, but it is the period with most games, after that we will play it by ear and hopefully the World Cup Holders England are still in it 😉

    the 27th is a Friday so maybe we will do something then depending on how much Faction i have lost watching football 😛

    I have a feeling it will be very quiet over this period, as its just what a World Cup does even the none football people end up doing things while its on or being sucked in as their country could be doing well.

    I will of course keep you posted of anything informal via the forum 🙂



    Same goes for me. I will be watching most of the games i presume so i may not be as active as usual. If someone wants to do a dungeon or anything, just make a post in here and i’m sure there will be interest.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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