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    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Double Strike
    Two tanks will need to stand together in front of Nefra to share and split the cleave damage from his Double Strike attack
    2. Voice of the Masters
    Green Dots will go out periodically to the entire raid. DPS who can cleanse themselves should do so to allow healers to focus on other DPS/tanks.
    3. Overloaded Assault Droid
    The Droid will run into a random raid member periodically and attempt to explode (explosion area is covered by the big red circle). Players who fail to move out of the circle will likely be killed. A ranged DPS should grab aggro on the adds to prevent them running to the tanks.

    • Voice of the Masters
    The DoT deals significantly more damage (over 2k damage per tick instead of 325 per tick)

    Commander Draxus

    1. Teams:
    Raid should split in two, each group will be made out of Tank, Healer and 2 DPS.
    Numbering system for easier reference:
    Team One: 1. Tank, 2. Healer, 3. DPS, 4. DPS
    Team Two: 5. Tank, 6. Healer, 7. DPS, 8. DPS

    2. Map with routes:

    3. Steps:
    • Players 1256 click their crystals all at the same time (that is 2 purple crystals, 1 blue crystal and 1 green crystal). This will open the gates on both sides for players 3478 to pass through. (3 &4 go through one gate, 7 &8 go through the other gate).
    • Once players 3478 clear through their mobs, they will be able to click on the two crystals on either side. Once 3478 have clicked the crystals at the same time, the big middle south gate will open, allowing players 1256 to pass through.
    • Behind the South Gate is an elite and some strongs. After killing the strongs, wait for the east and west inner gates to be opened by players 3478.
    • Once players 1256 passed through the south gate, players 3478 can move up to the double gates. The next part isn’t synchronized on two sides so all four players do not need to click at the same time. Players 37 will need to click on the crystal on the outside of the double gates, allowing players 48 to pass through the first gate. Players 48 will need to click on the crystal between the double gates, allowing players 37 to move beyond the double gates. Players 37 clicking will also open up the West Inner Gate and East Inner gate respectively.
    • Once the West and East Inner Gates have being opened, players 1256 will need to split again and go through their gates (12 go through West Inner Gate, 56 go through East Inner Gate). They will need to turn a corner and find two crystals. Before clicking them, wait for players 3/7 to arrive at their crystals (they are on a different floor). All three players (123 on west side, 567 on east side) will need to click at the same time to open up West and East Gate respectively. (Displayed on screen as Access to the West Gate has been opened/East Gate has been opened).
    • Player 7 will need to come to the West gate access tunnel (make sure players 123 are still there holding it open), pass through it and then click on the crystal right outside the western double gates to bail player 4 out. Player 4 will then need to return the favor by doing the same for player 8 (player 7 will need to go back and hold the East gate access tunnel with players 56).

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Draxus:
    Draxus can be damaged usually only 20% every time before he flies off except for wave 5 when he can be damaged 40%. When he flies off, he will spawn waves of adds that will swarm your raid. He does have a conal attack (Suppressive Fire) so you will need to face him away from the raid. Also, he will throw Corrosive Grenades at one player,that can be cleansed.
    2. Waves
    • Wave 1: Take care of Subteroth adds, avoid their exploding AoE
    • Wave 2: One tank and melee DPS go Left while rest of the DPS focus on Right. Once east is cleared finish up west.
    • Wave 3: We split the raid, interrupt and kill Corruptors first. One of the tanks go grab Draxus. Leave all but 1 Dispatcher alive and then damage the boss.
    • Wave 4: Kill Dismantlers ASAP, if you see Dismantlers pushing the other tank off, quickly taunt it so it doesn’t leap and kill the tank.
    • Wave 5: One of the tanks grab Draxus, the other go on Right side and grab the adds. One DPS engage the adds on the Left and remaining DPS all go to Back. Priority is interrupting and killing the two Corruptors in Back. You can ignore Bulwark’s shield by going inside them to DPS. Kill all but Bulwarks and then DPS Draxus down.
    • Wave 6: DPS go Back to interrupt and kill the Corruptor/Despoilers and then burn down the Dismantlers. Finish Dispatch and Bulwark after the Dismantlers are dead.
    • Wave 7: Tanks grab Guardians and kill them first before dealing with the Subteroths.
    • Wave 8: Kite the Despoiler from south to either east or west side. Split your raid to interrupt and kill the 2x corruptors on each side.
    • Wave 9: Kill the Dispatchers and Corruptors first then and then finish off the Guardian after.

    • Corrosive Grenades
    He will throw Corrosive Grenades at the entire raid that can be cleansed. As now the Corrosive grenade is an AoE you need to spread out or you will have half of the raid with the DoT.
    • Aggro
    Draxus will do a random aggro drop and target DPS/healer when he throws out a Corrosive Grenade so tanks need to keep an eye and taunt him back.
    • Immunity
    Draxus is immune to damage for the first 30 seconds of wave 9
    • Adds
    Add waves are identical but Dismantlers now throw out a debuff that increase their target’s damage intake by 1000% and Guardian of the Fortress’s Slam attacks cannot be interrupted.


    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Overhead Smash:
    Periodic raidwide AoE damage that knocks players a bit off the ground (interrupts casts)
    2. Roar:
    Conal attack, it has a 3.5s cast and Grob’Thok can turn while he is channeling the attack so tanks will need to wait until the cast is almost finished before running throguh Grob’Thok to avoid it.
    3. Pipe Smash:
    High damage AoE attack that can be stopped by kiting the boss under the magnetic lift, which will lift his arm and stun him for a short duration. Pipe Smash seems to be on a 60s timer
    4. Mining Droid:
    Targets a random raid member and they have to run around leaving behind a lava trail.
    5. Adds:
    Dreadful Ugnaughts, can be either killed or kited through the lava trail. Offtank will need to grab them.

    • Pipe Smash:
    Will do a lot more damage therefore the tank has to be very quick with the placement under the magnet.

    Corruptor Zero

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Adds
    Droid adds that spawns before and during the fight. Kill order is D-03 Repair Droid that heals other adds followed by D-15 Corruption Droid that targets a random raid member and put down a red circle with Missile Salvo.

    2. Melee Mode
    Massive Slam – a PBAOE that deals around 4k damage.
    Heavy Slash – Channeled attack on tank that does a ton of damage. Healers/tanks need to be ready for this. Leaves a Bleed at the end (Physical) that can be cleansed by operatives/scoundrels and commandos/mercs.

    3. Ranged Mode
    Anti-Gravity Field – red circle casted on tank that lifts them and cause aggro drop if not avoided.
    Chest Laser – Channeled attack w/ DoT that should be cleansed (tech)
    Missile Barrage – raidwide AoE centered on each person, spread out to lessen damage.

    • Tank Swap
    Tank receives a stacking debuff from boss that forces them to tank swap at 4-6 stacks.

    • Concussion Mine
    Is casted at random raid member sometime during the fight. Whoever gets this stacking debuff will near AoE damage to themselves and rest of the raid. They will need to run to the boss and damage him with this ability to get it removed.

    Phase Two Mechanics:

    1. Unified Beam
    Laser attack past 20%, anyone caught in the path of the beam will be instant-killed. Can be avoided by running around the corner and avoiding LOS with boss. Adds at this point become melee.

    Dread Master Brontes

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Fingers of Brontes
    Have to be killed by DPS ASAP as they can deal a lot of damage if you don’t kill them quickly
    2. The Left and Right Hand of Brontes
    Will need to be tanked away from the raid as they have a nasty conal slam Each hand will despawn and respawn on the other side of the room if you deal ~20% damage to it.

    • Debuff:
    When the Hands despawn, they leave a debuff on the tank that was tanking them so they will need to be picked up by a different tank when they reappear.

    During the transition, a pair of Reach of Brontes will spawn at the feet of random players and start beaming together. Anyone caught inside the beam will die instantly.

    Phase Two Mechanics:

    1. Corrupted Clones
    Corrupted Clone of Kephess will spawn during this phase and they will need to be tanked by the offtank and will need to be faced away from the raid due to Laser Blast conal attack. In addition, the clone will throw out one Corrupted Nanites on random raid members which can be cleansed.

    • Arcing Assault.
    This attack come in two versions, a 1s cast and a 4s channel that usually casted back to back. The 1s cast isn’t too worrisome but the 4s channel will place 4 stacks of debuff on the tank, which increases their damage taken from Brontes and forces a tank swap. Make sure to turn Brontes away from the raid as well or the entire raid will get cleaved and debuffed by Arcing Assault.
    • Corrupted Clones
    The clone throws out two Corrupted Nanites on random raid members which can be cleansed.
    • Energy Spheres
    Starting at ~65%, Brontes will say “Your limitations must be explored” and Energy Spheres will appear around the room. These Energy Spheres are attached to one random player in the raid (usually a DPS) that need to run into it to explode it when the Energy Sphere has between 15 and 20 stacks of their buff.

    50% Transition
    Brontes’s will cast a beam that will start in a clockwise fashion and if her beam touches any of the Unshielded D-09 Droids that spawn around the room, there will be a massive explosion that wipes out your raid. Your goal is to kill the droids before her beam gets there. This is a DPS race for the most part. Once her beam completes a full revolution around the room, this transition ends. Healers will need to be prepared and top everyone off/bubble everyone as the next phase is very intensive for healing.

    Phase Three Mechanics:

    1. Spike of Pain:
    They are purple circles place under random player. It deals ~10-12k damage if you do not move out of it.
    2. Fingers of Brontes:
    Everyone need to focus on one Finger at a time as these fingers will start casting Focused Beams that deals massive damage if they are not killed quick enough.

    • Hands of Brontes:
    Tanks will need to kite Hands of Brontes’s slam to kill Energy Spheres that are trying to reach rest of the raid while rest of the raid is killing their fingers. The spheres will come randomly from two corners of the room but which corner they spawn from is purely random. Never point the slam towards the raid! The hands have to b killed at the same time, so spread DPS evenly.
    • Fingers of Brontes:
    Will cast a stacking debuff that will increase your damage intake if you don’t kill them fast enough

    Phase Four Mechanics:

    1. Purple circles
    Purple circles will spawn on top of random players. Move away from them.
    2. Fire and Forget:
    Aggroes a random raid member and punts them. Tanks need to taunt Brontes back immediately after she punts someone or they will be killed
    3. Brontes
    Once the hands are dead, pull Brontes and tank her with your back to a wall.

    • Hands of Brontes
    Both hands will spawn again with their low HP on two diagonal corners of the room. Getting each Hand to 5% spawns a shield around them, which cleanses the stacking debuff you get from Brontes.
    • Manifest Supremacy
    You can fight Brontes until you get 10 stacks of her debuff, then run and damage a Hand to 5% to spawn the shield. Repeat this again for the other hand when you get another 10 stacks.

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