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    It’s always a topic for a chat.

    Currently our start time is dictated by our number of sign ups. Without 10 we don’t go so it will be based on the last logger of the raid.

    As more level and get their Hit/Tough up we can be a bit more flexible as we will swap peeps in and out so everyone gets to see these Slivers [this includes myself]. This means that we can kick off earlier as well but I will alternate times as well each week to suit our members.

    An ideal situation is an early 10man kicks off and gets cleared and late loggers log on and there will be some swapping about and we clear the other 10 man but obviously this is a way off until more get geared and we actually learn and clear the Slivers.

    Let’s just have a good time pre 3.0 getting nice gear for our next leveling Adventure



    If the raids start at 8:00-8:30pm on a weekday and Sundays, then count me out. If we start them earlier then i might be able to join at least for the largest part.
    Fridays/Saturdays i am good to go from any time till any time.


    Without a scheduled time its just very annoying to organise anything you have to set a time and adjust based on the numbers online that are availble if people cant make it for say 7pm then they just have to announce it on the forums or poke someone ingame, if we use the addon that was mentioned a wile ago they can add a note saying -I wont be around for x time then the organiser knows that and can arrange a backup player based on the signups and then swap players around during the evening thats the most fair way i can see.

    Oh and a note if we cant start earlier i might as well resign from raiding straigh away there has to be a way we can work around where people are availble and not just base it from UK time even if it means afk moments for some people for personal matters we can still adjust that with either a break or swap people around but start at 9pm UK isnt fair for people that lives in +1 +2 zones even if it is weekend.


    Times are a bit difficult for me as well but we’ll sort them out eventually.


    The sooner the better if lets say 8pm i know at that point i need to be online in order to participate not come around x hour to sit and wait for ages thats not very funny either thats something you just have to settle somehow.


    I’ve rarely been able to meet start times for raids, at least since the carefree days of EQ1 when I didn’t have the commitments I do now, so I’m used to sitting out watching achievement spam. The few late raiding guilds I’ve kept an eye on over the years haven’t lasted long, people seem to want to raid early.

    I’m happy to go with whatever the majority feels appropriate, if it needs to be earlier than I can manage then so be it, I’ll fill in a slot if people need to drop out during the evening.
    We do definitely need to be ready to go immediately when the start time arrives, especially if it is 8 UK to be fair to the players on other time zones, no sitting around waiting for any reason, but people are likely to be late for a multitude of real life reasons. If we’ve enough players ready then we’ll have to make the decision to go with who’s online at the right time, probably the start time should be 15+ minutes before the raid start to allow for decisions to be made.
    This will penalize me, but that’s life, so long as I get to see some of these zones and learn the strats I’ll be happy.

    This won’t take long for us to get used to, last night was a fair bit of faffing, but it was our first go as a Rift team and with Armi’s power issues as well it wasn’t a smooth night. Everyone was in very good spirits and it was a good natured evening, which is how I want things to remain.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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