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    This is the Republic Side guide on how to collect +10 stats Datacron.

    In order to get this – the Awesomenestest of all Cron’s – you need to have the following 3 items:

    The Magnetically Guided Grappling System ( MGGS) from Alderaan:

    – Simply go to Vendor and buy the MGGS

    Corellian Museum Crystal (CMC) from Corellia:

    – Even more simpler, go to location, look for a container surrounded by neutral mobs, and grab the crystal from inside!

    Cormium Crystal Shard (CCS) from main fleet museum:

    – Now, you already had enough simple tasks, time for some warm up for the main event: Go to Gav Daragon > Bridge Deck > Museum.
    – In the Museum, get inside the open dropship on top of pedestral. You can easily jump on the vehicle with your speeder.
    – Once inside, click on the weapons console, that will destroy the door in front of the vehicle and open the doorway to Cormium Crystal Shard (CCS).
    – Once you blew your way through the door … enter and grab a tiny piece off the crystal.

    Good! Preparations are done and you are now ready for the wipe fest!

    Meet up with all group members in the Museum, at the Statue pedestal.
    – Climb on the Museum statue platform
    – At the base of the statue there is a panel where you should insert the CMC. This will enable another clickable panel to disable the power wall.
    – When you disable the power wall, go through the door and enter the Maintenance Shaft.
    – In order to disable the bridge power wall, you should click on any three Bridge Controls at the same time (there are 6 Bridge Controls: 3 before bridge, 3 after bridge).
    – After all players passed over the bridge, get in position and get ready … for an avalanche of curses.

    Tactical Map:

    Legend: : BC – Bridge Control; Numbers – Grapling Points (GP); Letters – Panels.

    Each Panel activates a Grappling Point as follows:
    A activates 1.
    B activates 2.
    C activates 3.
    D activates 4.
    E activates 5, but only with other panels still active

    The Main Event:

    – One person to Panel A. This person will stand there and just click the panel every 20-30 seconds to keep GP 1 active. One player will be trying to get to GP 1.
    – Another to Panel B, and another is going to get into position to shoot themselves to GP 2 where Panel C is.
    – Once everyone is ready, Panels A and B are activated, someone shoots to GP 2 and activates Panel C
    – Person at GP 2 activates Panel C, two Players shoot up to GP 3 (Here we need a preferably pulling capable player and a pulling capable player)
    – Person at GP 1 activates Panel D, another Player shoots up to GP 4.
    – Person at GP 3 activates Panel E, another Player shoots up to GP 4.
    – One person from GP 3 (the pulling one) shoots up to GP 5 and dances maniacally.
    – All players get down from their positions except GP 5 and GP 3. If GP 3 can pull as well, then in orderly fashion all players will align, and will be first pulled to GP 3 then to GP 5. If GP 3 cannot pull, all players press their panel, and fanatically run to grapple to GP 3 while is still active, and then be pulled to GP 5.

    If by now you did not yet ragequit and you are on GP 5 then congratulations, you made it through the easy part of the event!
    Just kidding 🙂
    Go down the corridor, open door and enjoy the cut scene. Also before departing, do not forget to take a group photo to show your grandkids.

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