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    Hey again fellow people from Wider community ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    So the time has come for me to start asking you what your thoughts are when it comes to Swtor PvP and what kind of it you want to
    focus of doing or maybe every pvp aspect. What I’m trying to say is, if we play pvp more as casual, like ranked/unranked WZ and/or try
    get a strong 4 man team which will mean more serious, obviously.

    Many people here might already know that I have my 55 VG (Cozmoz) ready to gear up when time and interest gives and you might
    wonder why I even ask all this, and the reason is so I also know how I will focus my pvp with this guild and what class I will be playing.

    If it comes to making a solid 4 man team, we will need a tank, according to Quick, and in that case I know that VG isn’t really optimal. I
    really love my VG in all aspects (looks on gear, companions, abilities, story was great etc). I also do know for fact that if we do are going
    with this we will need a proper one for it and I am willing to take that responsibility and make myself a JK guardian. Knowing that PvP has
    changed alot in this game and tbh the nr1 pvp tank is a Juggernaut and I do have a lvl 50 one on this pve (The Red Eclipse) server.

    Seen some post on our forum about folks have intentions of playing on the Emp side (The Deathbringers). So again, my question is, which
    side and what kind of pvp are you guys more interested of doing? I don’t mind running and fooling around on my VG with you in pvp but it
    will be more casual ofc and I don’t expect or demand that our pvp has to be 100% dead serious, but I feel it’s my duty to ask this before
    making any decisions. Thank you for your time reading this ๐Ÿ™‚



    You know what, I used to play Darkfall – a full loot PvP game experience where we had massive sea battles, and had vigilance over our city so it was not captured by enemies. It was a blast. I have never done PvP in this game, well I dabbled a little way back – but think sure what the hell. Maybe I am not too long in the tooth, I’ll have to start practicing to get myself trained and geared. I love my Guardian, and I love my healer (SAGE) so happy to bring either along.

    I think to get trained and geared it will take some commitment to start with, so happy to make it a regular thing for a while.


    @NoeNoa wrote:

    You know what, I used to play Darkfall – a full loot PvP game experience where we had massive sea battles, and had vigilance over our city so it was not captured by enemies. It was a blast. I have never done PvP in this game, well I dabbled a little way back – but think sure what the hell. Maybe I am not too long in the tooth, I’ll have to start practicing to get myself trained and geared. I love my Guardian, and I love my healer (SAGE) so happy to bring either along.

    I think to get trained and geared it will take some commitment to start with, so happy to make it a regular thing for a while.

    In that case, since you are the only one who was interested enough to answer from my topic made yesterday I take it that we will be doing casual pvp for the time being.
    When more people have played, geared up and learned more about Swtor pvp, including myself we can go from there if we feel up for it in the future. I’m happy with this
    as well as I can then play my VG as dps (Assault) which I really like doing and stay on Republic side.

    That spec has massive single target burst and imo that is what counts more then who made the biggest number in the end of a game as it’s more vital being able to bring
    down core classes like healers fast. Many times have I seen in all kinds of mmo pvp that folks brag about their big numbers and still lost the match at the end of it.

    I thank you for your response NoeNoa and have a good day.


    Hey cosmoz,

    Great to see ya post.

    Sorry for delay replying myself, my mrs is pregnant so my time online bit all over place at min.

    As you know from me im 100% committed to all forms off pvp.

    Majority of players on server, in guild etc there are not many that are committed like we are.

    At the min I only have a gunslinger on rep side at 55. BUT im aiming to repeat my empire chars on rep side, I make a great pvp healer as operative, and was good with merc as a healer, then I had a sor that I jumped from dps to heal depending on my mood lol and ofc my sniper types, which I play mainly lethality but happy playing all specs.

    I have a sage at around 25, and other day I started a commando now at lev 10.

    what I want to see in the future is a good premade within guild for both ground and space pvp. space pvp aspect im constantly trying to encourage and we have a few good gsf pilots within guild.

    If you or anyone wants to help me, happy for people to team up with my commando as I level up through mostly pvp with bits of pve to speed my levelling up.


    Howdy Quicky!

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply and irl issues are always, and will always be more important then some game in any form. I wish you two the
    very best of luck with your upcoming child. On to the Swtor matter. It’s good to see there are some of you who are aiming for some premade pvp fun.

    As stated before, it doesn’t have to be dead serious, but do pvp together, talk and be socal together on our voice program for some pvp gameplay is
    any day alot more fun then do all these solo pugs. Sure there are some more “solo friendly” pvp classes in all these mmo, but playing an mmo solo, to me
    it gets very boring quickly. If I want some amazing solo/single player fun I would simply reinstall my Mass Effect series ๐Ÿ˜†

    I must admit that I am torn apart what class I do want to play. As you all know I joined with my VG and I do like it alot in pve and I know that they can
    be a beast in pvp but so can any class played well. As I usually say, “it’s not the class it’s the player behind the keyboard etc”. You can be very good
    with anything. They all kinda do the same thing in these games, you hit a button and do “3k dmg” or hit a button and do “3k heal”.

    If you would want to play on Emp side I can play there as well. Side doens’t really matters as they are kinda mirror classes anyway, just different looking
    gear and simular abilities. Again, I do have a 50 jugger and thats good if tanking would be our big need but if I can play as dps I prefer to play something
    that has good single target dps burst to quickly bring down specific targets. Regardless of side or class I’m willing to help you out with leveling, gear etc.
    I play where the pvp action will be.

    So my question to you is, and take your time if you need it, what side and class do you want to play? As for me if it’s gonna be Rep it will be dps I think,
    either my VG (assault-huge single target burst spec) or maybe my jedi shadow who is lvl 50 atm for the same burst reason and able to CC more and
    steal/guard nodes. On emp side it’s gonna be tank with jugger or maybe, just maybe a burst dps there but I know jugger are the king of pvp tanks since
    many changes to the pvp.



    Hey cozmoz, i would like to join the future pvp team but first i need to lvl 1 class to 55 probably my commando and i think my first option for him is being healer but i can make him dps depending on what is needed, sometimes i do some pvp when iยดm boring of the missions and usually those went well but there is a episode i didnยดt like much on a 4v4 match, my team managed to kill 3 of them and the one left of their team just stealthed for almost the rest of the match, very annoying but iยดm ready to do some pvp matches altough iยดm still lvl 31, still just need 24 lvls to reach lvl 55 with my commando!:p cya around ingame


    im bit out of touch with whats best in pvp teams currently, but ideally we need to have as many options as poss, my only 55 on rep side is dps slinger no matter what, my next char I want is commando that im happy to swap between heal or dps when ever needed. We do need a tank, healer, two dps ideally one melee type, and one range type, that’s what used to always be best group make up for 4man teams and suited arenas.


    i donยดt mind to be healer but can change to dps if it is needed


    I agree on this and that we need more then one option at hand or if someone can’t play we could either replace that spot oursevles from switching spec or from someone else.
    The basic arena teams are build just as you said. 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 dps. That looks to be the standard. About the dps setup as you said is also a good call 1 melee, 1 ranged.

    However, it can work both ways. The good part of having 1 melee atleast is that our tank doensn’t have to stand “alone” vs 2-3 (except their healer) and need to be focused
    healed and at the same time see our 1-2 dps in need of heals as well and easier aoe heals, but the downside is many classes use and spam these “aoe specs” that does huge dmg.
    I often see ppl in all kinds of pvp zerging and blobbing/boxing up and is more or less asking for all those aoe attacks, which will be very hard for any healer imo.

    I do support the 1 ranged, 1 melee combo. Next 2 ranged maybe so they can’t simply run in to our face and aoe us down, like if we had 2 melee dps, which don’t sit right with me.
    But as always, what I’ve learned from 6-7 years of mmo games when it comes to pvp anyway, that support/cc (stuns, snare roots etc) and heals with good tanks wins the game.
    Seen quite many youtube video where folks say “hahah look how I owned this pvp match with X class and Y spec” becuase nobody bothered to stop/dmg/cc them and can stand
    still unbattled and do their work. Healers/casters is usually the nr1 target but should never let a strong burst dps class stand free without being cc or atleast touched.


    Get the feeling that you Quick and Metralhas want to play on Rep side, from all that commando, healing/dps talk. Was kinda hoping to play on Emp side as I mostly played on Rep.
    See the other side/things as well but as I’ve said before, I will play the side where the ppl want to do pvp on, got the motivation for it and got a char or willing to lvl up one for it.

    If I’m going for tank I will make myself a JK-Guardian, for our 4 man arena team anyway. I’m not saying VG tanks isn’t good or viable, know him well with all his tricks, stuns, hook.
    But when you combine every aspect that is so crucial for a tank, utility, mobility and so on, the Guardian wins by a mile if it comes to making a strong and more reliable setup. With
    the guild perk 10% xp along with those 10% boosts I will lvl 1 – 50 in 4 days, ish…if I put my head into it, and as we all know, lvl up as tank is almost always instant FP pops ^^

    What say you?


    i have to play on rep side atleast for now, but could make a char on imp side


    If there is someone who wants to make a char on imp side or have one low level i can catch you up and level together


    I’m an avid PvE player, and having tried PvP a couple of times, just must admit that it is not to my liking. That said I really do like and appreciate that you push this and gather those of us who do want to PvP ๐Ÿ™‚

    We should be able to regularly do Ops, PvP matches and GSF space stuff ๐Ÿ˜› So thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thanks Artucrus ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m just a simple man trying to make my way through the pvp universe, patiently waiting for more folks willing to do it and gear/lvl up.
    Going to give my official vote to do this on Emp side as I already got my 50 jugger for our 4 man team as tank. Played as one with
    her when leveing up, got some gear already there (def/shield/absorb/end gear etc) and remembering it was a blast.

    Also as a side note, since I know I won’t expect or demand having premade pvp teams everytime I login, I will play some “solo friendly
    dps class” for pug pvp matches like unranked WZ’s and already have a 31 sniper there as well. Do have in mind to make myself a BH/pt
    if I wouldn’t choose that sniper for my solo needs and when not enough folks are online for those premades.

    Name on my jugger tank is Xinora btw if you guys are willing to do this pvp with me on that side, and you/we can do more pve content
    on Rep side? Just a suggestion tho but know you know my vote ๐Ÿ˜€


    I made myself a BH and when possible I would very much like to get invited to our guild there.
    name on my toon is: Cozmi. Thanks in advance and see ya ingame! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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