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    Hey all,

    In a bit of a dilemma, my subscription on ToR is up in 20 days or so and I’m contemplating not renewing it, not as in I’m never coming back, but due to loss of interest, perhaps a bit of burnout and out of game commitments.

    Both me and Mrs. Alatar have found ourselves not on online a lot, admittedly this was due to a lot of things going on this month, like my birthday, concerts, travelling and such, but there has been times in between we’ve been jumping on (Mostly on the imp side) and leveling, then stopping after just half an hour, simply because we’re both feel we’re doing it out of I need to level this guy/girl rather than I want to level this guy/girl.

    Even last night I came online to have a quick catch up with everyone and see how the ops was going, but the moment I loaded to inside of my ship and heard C2N2 say “Oh welcome back Master, I trust your blah blah blah” I literally said out loud “Oh bugger off you twat” and logged off lol

    The other day ‘Missy’ posted to her blog about burnout with MMO’s and everything she described was exactly how I and the missus feel right now, so that being said, I’m almost certainly (about 90% sure) not going to renew… at least for now.

    I feel the only reasons I’d renew is so I qualify for the free in game housing with the 5 rooms and of course you guys, I mean you’re all the reason I got into SW:ToR and this community in the first place, we’re all like a (dysfunctional) family lol and loyalty means a lot to myself personally.

    So the subject of this thread is ‘What to do?’ for this exact reason, I need opinions, I’m sure you’ve all been here before at one point and would love to hear your say on the matter.

    Just so you know, I’ve not gone off MMO’s altogether, just ToR for the moment, I was contemplating getting Wildstar, played it in the beta with a few characters and was good fun, albeit it I had to tweak the graphics a little so it could run on my laptop lol if I did decide to go for Wildstar, it gives me a chance to chat with a few of the other members of the community too and get to know them which is always a plus 🙂

    Anyways that’s enough of me rambling, look forward to reading your responses!


    Take your time fella, we have all been there one way or another. I did it after nearly 2 years years of Rift and took a long period out and then came back.

    Yes there are other things out there that could be attractive like Wildstar and ESO et al which also play with the grey matter.

    But sometimes its good to down tools and do stuff with your partner or you RL mates as well.

    We have a casual tag for a reason mate.

    Just pop on the forums now and then 🙂


    Well mate, we’ve all been there and will be there as well. Best piece of advice is to to whatever you feel like it, as life is too short to regret it.
    The way I see it, if you do not feel like playing right now, don’t, and if you will miss us and wan to play you can always login as F2P.


    Free2Play is there to stp people form making a decision which is permanent. I have went F2P and came back, and found the past 2 weeks on a break and really excited again this week. Don’t analyse it, just do what makes you happy.

    And we miss you. Come chat with us mumbles and tell us about your birthday Month!


    I agree with what has been said. But maybe a couple of additional points/clarifications can be helpful:

      1) Whether you play actively or are on a (short/long) break you are and continue to be a member of this community – we’ll be here if you get your want back, no matter which of our games it is
      2) I have recently had/wanted to take a small break – partly because of work and home stuff, but also partly because there were a lot of single player games I wanted to play but didn’t get the time to. And then I logged back in a couple of weeks later and did an Op with these misfits, and now I am SWTOR hooked again
      3) Personally I can’t be arsed to unsubscribe, unless I know that I am not going to play for months and months. But that is of course also about your financial situation – and those 12USD can always be spent on pints – but not unsubscribing also makes it possible to quickly jump in and help with an Op or do other social things on a whim, which can be nice
      4) Come unto Mumbles from time to time to chat, even though not playing. I did it Tuesday while working, and I had a blast (might have been extremely annoying for those doing an Op though!)
      5) We are always pushing our games boundaries – if you and the missus are getting hooked on another MMO, it would be great if you would take up the challenge of creating an Eternal Dawn branch in that game

    But as had been said. We have all been there, and we’ll all get there again. The community are not only about the games, and we’ll still be here when you feel the urge again


    P.S. WHAT EVER YOU DO – don’t go over to RIFT, that would be the drop………they’re CRAZY over there 🙂


    @Artucrus wrote:

    4) Come unto Mumbles from time to time to chat, even though not playing. I did it Tuesday while working, and I had a blast (might have been extremely annoying for those doing an Op though!)

    At my doctors advice I went on special pills after that night…

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