Aplication to Eternal Dawn

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Re: Aplication to Eternal Dawn

Post by Jaedia » Thu May 01, 2014 9:50 pm

tiphaine wrote:I looked at your forum and read your recruitment post in the official forums and think I will be a good fit. I am an experienced gamer and MMO player going back to Asheron's Call with many MMOs under my belt. I plan at least another year here in Rift - EQ Next isn't close and ESO was not appealing at all despite my hopes. I am over 18. WAY over 18 <drools and teeters<.

In MY day we walked to MMOs uphill in blizzards in both directions (moebius strip sidewalks and since this was well before global warming we had blizzards all the time).
Image I'd invite you purely for that quote!

Find me at MMOGames :D

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