Rift application (copy from Discord) - Eaiaden

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Rift application (copy from Discord) - Eaiaden

Post by Alaysa » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:11 pm

Applied on Discord:

DarkwindDK [Eaiaden] - 11/25/2016
Right so.
Callesign = DarkwindDK (the DK is since im danish) Shoutout to all scandinavians!
DarkwindDK [Eaiaden] - 11/25/2016
So I met this uber dude Alaysa one day, we had great fun, drank some beers, had some laughs, killed some dwarfs, went to town, found some ladiez, took them home and well, rest is history, all in all, I thought, I wanna be where Alaysa is!.... I play a mage, I try to be of use, sometimes I even do some DPS, most of the time I just run around dying helplessly... I want endgame, raiding I love, grinding XP till my brin goes numb, I game alot, so.... Oh and the age of 18, im more than twice that age, 37 years young, hope thats fine.
Alaysa - 11/25/2016
Hahaha story time best time, thanks :DD
And welcome again :smiley:
Kerbi - 11/25/2016
You found some ladiez in town? I didn't know Laysa swung that way :smile:
Alaysa - 11/25/2016
DarkwindDK [Eaiaden] - 11/25/2016
oh you have no idea, I got the whole package that night, but what happens in town, stay in town
Alaysa - 11/25/2016
You shall never know kerbi
Kerbi - 11/25/2016
Damn, Lucky you!
Alaysa - 11/25/2016
(will delete all of this chat tomorrow btw to keep this channel clean for apps)
Talainz(Ozzo) - 11/25/2016
A+ for app
Supreme-Jaarl of the Vikings approves!
and I already like you
mage and al#magebros
Kerbi - 11/25/2016
Increasing the scandinavian take-over as well
November 26, 2016
Ylassa - 11/26/2016
Oh hay, and welcome :P. At least i don't think we have anyone complaining about scandinavians if the majority will be scandinavians, right?
Malbec - 11/26/2016
All this time and Laysa is a dude :older_man::skin-tone-1:
Welcome to ED :thumbsup:
Yarissa - 11/26/2016

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