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SWTOR Application

Post by Luxyra » Wed Jan 08, 2020 1:40 pm

1. What game you are applying for and what is your main character’s name?
SWTOR, Luxyra

2. Please tell us how you came to apply for Eternal-Dawn.
I joined the guild.

3. What are you looking for in a guild and what can a guild expect from you?
Socializing and anything PvE related. I tend to be busy due to work etc., but will try to do my part in the weekly conquests, and help out other players if possible.

4. What activities do you like doing ingame?
Story content is my main priority and interest, but I do enjoy doing flashpoints and operations from time to time. Thanks to a certain recruitment mission during KotET, I'm open to PvP as well.

5. It’s always interesting to know previous game experiences.
SWTOR-wise? Before my two/three-year long break from the game (returned shortly before the launch of Onslaught), I used to do PvE related content with my guild at the time. Operations are the ones I've done the least though, so could either need a refresher or guidance if I were to join. As for roles, mainly DPS, but got some experience as a healer as well.

6. Delight the community with a brief introduction of yourself.
Before anything, I'm a sorcerer/sage main; love the class to death. As for other interests besides SWTOR, I enjoy reading, and watching TV shows.

7. Can you confirm you are over the age of 18 please?
I'm 25 years old, hush now.

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Re: SWTOR Application

Post by Yarissa » Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:22 pm

Yarissa (et al) and Darth Hassira in SWTOR
@Yarissa in ESO
Yarissa in SWL
Yarissa in Rift

Ask me for a guild invitation in any of these games :D

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