If you thought the Ed members of SWToR were mad then here is the proof 🙂

14 mad people racing Tauntauns and other animal mounts around the starting planet of Tython.

You can imagine the look of shock and surprise for all the new players to see a mad bunch of players

racing around and taking over the whole road with funny looking animals, it was hilarious.

There is still an ongoing stewards enquiry into both Kheld and Beautiful with suspected animal doping

after they consistently won almost every race between them although they protest their innocence 😉

I, like any good leader was bringing up the rear and blame my mount who ran like he only had one leg,

coupled with the fact of the outside interference from Moo who will be taken to the ‘Dark Room’

and beaten with the sacred ‘Wet Fish’ of the Guild.

All in all a great evening and lots of laughs, thought we were mad before?

Well you definitely know now lol.



2 thoughts on “Tython Tauntaun Race

  1. Just don’t ask! You really don’t want to know (but the wet fish of ED – very scary) and it was really fun!

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