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ESO application

Post by Elvarielle » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:18 pm

1. What game you are applying for and what is your main character’s name?

ESO please :D
Main character's name is Elvarielle, user ID is @Janatris

2. Please tell us how you came to apply for Eternal-Dawn.

I found you guys on ESO's forums when looking for a casual guild

3. What are you looking for in a guild and what can a guild expect from you?

I'm looking for a super friendly, casual guild who can help with my derpy questions (don't worry, I won't spam them, I -can- google, just sometimes it seems so much easier to get an actual person's help with things.) I get busy, kids sometimes need my attention with very little warning and in the past I've had issues with that with other guilds and you guys seem to be really understanding when life gets in the way, that is a major plus for me.

I normally love crafting, grinding, looking for mats (oddly enough). So I'd love to help out when I get a hang of the crafting system with making things for people. Still really new to the game so can't exactly guarantee what I can help out with yet, but I can say I will be kind, friendly and will pass any help I ever get forward to all newer players.

I used to have a guild family from all over the world that we traveled through many different games together but the past couple of years we've all drifted apart and I'd love to find another one to fit in with, I really miss it.

4. What acitivites do you like doing ingame?

I assume you mean activities? Hahaha <3 Please don't hate me for pointing it out >.> . I like crafting, questing, grinding so far. Not really gotten through much else yet as there is soooo much to do.

5. It’s always interesting to know previous game experiences.

The last game I played wasssss errrr, my memory is awful, gimme a moment...

Nope! Can't remember, I only played it for a month, wasn't great... again, I missed having a really lovely group to play with and have been struggling to find somewhere to fit in so googled 'best mmo's to play solo' and ESO was recommended. Previous to that though to mention a few was Tera, FFXIV, ArcheAge, Age of Wushu. It's going to be weird finally playing in an EU server, always used to be NA as that was where the majority of the gaming family lived/played.

6. Delight the community with a brief introduction of yourself.

Ah, gowd, always terrible with this things. Always feel like shirking off the question and answering with a good old '31/F/UK' kind of answer. I'm from the UK, mummy to three lovely (yeah right) children, and an even lovelier dog (absolutely lying there, he's a little bugger). So suffice to say I do get dragged away a lot. Absolutely shy, I'm quite alright to write a message but voice chat? Errr *hides*.

I guess anything else you'd have to find out about me in the guild's chat if you guys accept my application.

7. Can you confirm you are over the age of 18 please?

Yep. Sometimes wish I could go back to being sweet 16 but never gonna happen.

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Re: ESO application

Post by Yarissa » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:34 pm

Welcome, we are an international group, some of whom have been playing together for quite a few years,
You definitely sound as though you will fit in with us so there should be an invitation waiting for you in game.
Hope to see you soon.
Yarissa (et al) and Darth Hassira in SWTOR
@Yarissa in ESO
Yarissa in SWL
Yarissa in Rift

Ask me for a guild invitation in any of these games :D

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