Here’s a collection of guides for RIFT. All rights reserved by the original creators.

Please keep in mind most of these guides are tailored to the new expansion, Starfall Prophecy (especially the class guides) so keep that in mind when you use these guides for older content.

This is a work in progress. As guides change and get added and removed, this page will change, too. If you miss a useful guide on this list or think a guide should be removed please feel free to contact us ingame.

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General game guides

Basic game info on RIFT
Rift DLC/Costs explained
Summary: Changes over the past two years
Rift Platinum guide
Planar Fragments guide – Planar Fragments FAQ – Currently known Planar Fragments stats Simple guide to Planar Fragments
Starfall Prophecy Reputation quest list
Dream orbs BiS list
Perplexing puzzle pieces guide

Raiding/dungeon guides

For all your needs

PvP guides

Guide on how to make an impact as an undergeared player in PvP (last updated 31/07/16)

Dimension guides

Beginner’s guide to dimensions
From the ground up: Dimension building video guide

Class guides

* Cleric

Inquisitor dps guide
Defiler dps guide
Defiler/Inquisitor hybrid dps guide
Shaman dps guide
One button shaman dps guide
Sentinel healing guide

* Mage

Mage BiS gear list for dps
One button Pyromancer/Elementalist dps guide
Harbinger leveling guide
Arbiter tanking guide
Arbiter tanking experts without a healer guide

* Primalist

Dervish dps guide
Preserver healing guide
Dervish/Vulcanist hybrid dps guide

* Rogue

Ranger leveling guide (lvl 1 – 65)
Bladedancer dps guide
Shadeborn dps guide
Assassin dps guide
Marksman dps guide
Assassin/Shadeborn hybrid dps guide
Tactician healing guide

* Warrior

Warrior BiS gear list for dps
Reaver dps guide
Warlord dps guide
Paragon dps guide
Tempest dps guide
Champion dps guide
Riftblade dps guide
Two button Riftblade dps guide
One button Beastmaster guide
Liberator healing guide
Warchanter healing guide
Warrior tanking guides