Gelidra (EU)

About Us

If you are looking for a long standing Online Gaming Community that likes to experience as much of a game as possible, along with a friendly, funny, relaxing atmosphere, then you are looking in the right place for your RIFT guild.

Eternal Dawn has a very relaxed and helpful atmosphere which includes a mixture of experienced players [as far back as Beta] along with those just joining Rift or returning after a long break.

We are currently enjoying the new expansion, Starfall Prophecy,  and are looking forward to the new raids and other things the expansion will bring.

Rift has a lot to offer an MMO player and Eternal Dawn is proud to say that our Members get stuck in to all of it from Crafting, Dimensions, Artifact Hunting, Questing, Achievements, Dungeons, PvP and Raiding.

If you are a casual player, like making friends and want a long term gaming experience then Eternal Dawn would be ideal for you.

Our Application to join is easy and straight forward, we just want to know a little bit about you before you join so please head here to apply.

Below is a brief preview of what Eternal Dawn has achieved as a Guild but by no means does it demonstrate the many hours Members have put into Rift.

Thank you,

The Eternal Dawn Team 


We have a very relaxed approach towards raiding. We neither ask for certain dps nor specs/roles. If you want to play your leveling spec because you didn’t get around to learn something else yet or it’s what you’re most comfortable with you’re welcome to do so. Of course we need to balance the team in a way that ensures we actually pass the requirements for the raid but we make sure everyone gets a chance to participate in raids if they want to.

We use the BiSCal addon for raid sign ups and while there are often several raids scheduled a week nobody ever has to participate in all of them or every week. You just sign up to the raid(s) you feel like going to!

* NT progress
~ RoF 4/4 (3/4 HM)
~ MS 4/5
~ TF 1/3
~ IGP 4/4 HM
~ HK 5/12
~ CoA 4/4 HM
~ MoM 1/9

Other Guild Activities & Services

Just ask in guild chat. There is always someone wanting to join.

* Warfronts
We have quite a few pvp enthusiasts so we’re teaming up for warfronts pretty often as well, sometimes even a full stack. Just ask in guild chat.

* Artifact Circle
Collecting shinies? Then you should definitely join the (not so) secret circle of fellow collectors in our guild. We mail spare artifacts down a list of members that is sorted by most artifact sets completed. Any guildie – new or old, lots or zero sets completed – can join.

* Dimension dumps
Always wanted a shopping center for dimension items? Take a look at our dimension dumps sorted by themes (trees, buildings, walls, containers etc.) and take anything you would like to use for your dimensions!

* Guild bank
Wardrobe vault, crafting mats, essences, equips and runes, dimension keys and containers, consumables, minions, artifacts.

* Soul mending via guild funds
As a Member of ED you can use up to 20plat/day from the guild funds to mend your soul using a Healer NPC. Just select the middle option on the Healer dialogue.

* Discord, website, forums
We use Discord for text and voice chat as well as guild applications. It’s an app you can install on your computer as well as your smart phone so you can chat with your guildies when you’re bored at work, in the train, bus etc.
Our website has a news section where we post our newest achievements. The forums are mainly used for sharing useful info, discussions, announcements and polls.


If you have any questions please feel free to talk to our management team ingame (Alaysa, Kerbi, Talainz, Ylassa).


Looking forward to gaming with you,

The Eternal Dawn Team