The Republic Needs You!


If you are looking for a relaxed and friendly guild where you can see the all galaxy in style, Eternal Dawn might be the place for you.  With both a Guild Flagship and HQ on Coruscant, and maximum bonuses we have fun in ops, star fortresses, heroics and flash points.  Although most of our members have at least one maximum level character, we have many altoholics, so there is always someone busy levelling who can help.

We also take part in Conquest and the various special events that take place in game and particularly enjoy a group datacron run.  Strongholds are a bit of an obsession for some of the guild and the cause of many a light hearted “discussion” when decorations are up for loot.

And although we are stalwarts of the Republic, we do have a corporate sister guild, Dark Dawn, where your imperial toons can feel at home.


We use Discord for our voice communications as it is free and easy to use.

It’s not only for operations (although it is essential for tactics) or for groups, it is for general chat over several games and we often chat and laugh whilst playing other games, to keep in touch, have fun and to give general assistance when needed.

If you are worried about talking, or never been on a voice coms before then please don’t worry, you can just listen to the madness of the rest of us until you feel comfortable.  We are a friendly bunch on Discord so don’t be shy come and join us and add another dimension to your gaming pleasure.

Raid Calendar

We use the raid calendar on the forum to plan ops, although these do often spontaneously happen when we have a suitable group online. When you are ready to start raiding with us, select the Raid Planner and sign in for Mush Raider, you will then be authorised and you will be able to see all the events on the Calendar.

To apply for an event, first create a character then you select the event and enter the character  name and role you wish to take.

Please note that all sign ups will need to be validated by the Raid Leader, so keep checking to make sure you have been selected.

If the role for the event is full, then please still let us know so that we can enter you as a reserve in case a member cannot make the event.

Only sign up for events you know you can make, and if you cannot come, please take your character out of the event.