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ESO Application

Post by Thormouse » Mon May 07, 2018 6:01 pm

What game you are applying for and what is your main character’s name?
i'm playing Warden Tank on AD called Kaden Bearranger i'm level 19

Please tell us how you came to apply for Eternal-Dawn
I found this Guild through the ESO website and it looked fun to join.

What are you looking for in a guild and what can a guild expect from you?
the social aspects and to run dungeons with guild mates.

What activities do you like doing in-game?
questing,dungeon diving and stealing.

It’s always interesting to know previous game experiences.
I've played wow,swtor,TSW and Lord of the rings online and many more.

Delight the community with a brief introduction of yourself.

Can you confirm you are over the age of 18 please?
I'm above the age of 18 but i will not give you my ID.

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Re: ESO Application

Post by Yarissa » Mon May 07, 2018 6:05 pm

Hi Thormouse, you stated in yourearlier app you were under 18 soare not eligible to join us unfortunately. Good luck in your search for a suitable guild.
Yarissa (et al) and Darth Hassira in SWTOR
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Ask me for a guild invitation in any of these games :D

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