The summer is coming to an end and its time we picked up the pace in the Elder Scrolls Online to see if we can start looking at Trials.

But whoa there……not so fast we need to be sensible about it.

Firstly, we need to know if you are interested, so I have set up a thread for this in the ESO section of the forums here. Please use this to let us know or leave a comment on this News thread.

Secondly, we need to gear up and help others gear up as well, we will be no good without it.

So we need to start arranging a lot more dungeon runs once we know who is interested. This should start happening come September but I suggest this happens more organically in game rather than setting up days in advanced.

We need ‘Doers’ for this, to take charge and just arrange it, due to ED slacky nature 😉 It will not always happen but we must start the momentum soon, there is some nice challenges and new content ahead.

Once we have enough geared up people we can start dipping our toes into the Trial waters. For this we will need a raiding trinity of some sort so please consider what class/role you want to play. I will also be looking out for ‘leaders’ that want that extra challenge of organising what can only be described as ‘random chaos’. If this interests you then contact Malbec in game or Discord.






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