Rift offers quite a lot of activities. While a lot of people enjoy the usual questing and fighting monsters and dragons and other players, there is also something for the creative minds! And ED has quite a few of those as well. It’s amazing what you can do with the dimension system in Rift! These people have put time and effort, blood and sweat into creating wonderful places. Big thanks to all of you for making Telara more beautiful! 🙂

Pictures speak more than words so I’ll go ahead and display a tiny part of their work because I would probably go way above the limit of this post if I attempted to show all of it. 😀 It’s best to see for yourself anyway!


Guild dimension (Stone Flask Tavern):


Moonshade Pools (Moonshade Pools) by Radz:


Dreaming (Malluma Track) by Stcler:


Pyramid of the Planes (Dormant Core) by Vraska:


Wedding (Moonshade Pools) by Procrastine:


UD’s first homely home (Three Springs) by Underdwarf:


Fern-Blossom Night (Fearing Woods) by Stcler:


Oasis Hideaway (Faen’s Retreat) by Doodle:


Dwarven Village (Three Springs) by Radly:

3 thoughts on “ED’s creative minds

  1. Creative minds indeed.

    I love viewing Dims but making one is blood sweat and tears and many many hours.

    They are beautiful constructions, keep up the hard work.

    I know that Laysa has had to restrict what she could post due to the amount of builders we have.

    Stunning stuff though.

  2. Damn, these are really impressive! Lovely to see that the dimension items I get here and there can be used for something instead of being destroyed 😛
    I can’t even imagine the amount of hours gone into those projects. Nicely done people!

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