We are back into Mount Sharax 2/5 [20 man raid] after our Christmas break with great success.We have got Yrlwalach down to 16% which included bring some of our members in for the very first time. We have had to skip Izkinra as its been a bit buggy on us but it has given us the chance to see Boss 4 and we glad we have met up with it as he is so close to being killed.

Tier 2 Intrepid Drowned Halls has been a fantastic success. Boss 2 [Guuloth] caused a few headaches but the Raiders soon downed it and went on to clear the other Bosses with ease.

The plan is to keep progressing Mount Sharax and then hopefully have enough members geared to pop into the huge Hammerknell. This will be a huge milestone for Eternal Dawn and we cannot wait to get there.

We would like to thank all our Members that are helping out with the raiding and also gearing up other members to come and join in with the fun.

Here is to many fun times raiding.


Those Looking To Join Eternal Dawn


We are currently looking for more players to add to our Raiding Roster. No Hit requirements need to be met, all that we ask for is that you are mature and prepared to make friends.

Don’t make the Hit requirements to raid, do not worry we will assist in gearing all new members up as quickly as we can.

We raid formally on Mondays and Wednesdays. Currently Monday is Intrepid Gilded Prophecy and Wednesday is Mount Sharax.

We have a slot provisionally booked on Sundays and Fridays for RoF to gear new members and or attempt a return to Mount Sharax.

We use Discord to communicate either by text or voice communication. Any Guild not using this is missing out on a great free application.

We are not regimental raiders, all those interested in raiding get a chance to see this content. There are no 1st teams and loot priority we just have fun whether we are wiping or farming bosses.

To join please register on our forums and apply in the Guest lounge here.


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