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@Missy wrote:

So a bit of a question really, uhm.. I know jaedia has her little avatar image, picture or what I should call it, for her avatar here, and on her blog. I just wondered where you found it/who made it ? Id like to have some sort of avatar/image that I can have as sort of my own, for my blog, thats kinda my logo 🙂 that charactarises me 🙂 If u understand what Im trying to say lol.

Sorry for my lack of presence, tough with such weird temporary internet!
I actually commissioned somebody to art me up a chibi. 🙂 Cost me about £7.. ish? I forget now, was early December. Roughly $10. Mine was done by.. Yoshiebutt but there are LOADS out there. Check Deviantart/Tumblr/etc. 😀