May I ask just as a friendly suggestion when it comes to the Emp (pvp) guild that we try only have 2 chars/member there?
Meaning 1 main and 1 “main alt”. Otherwise it’s gonna be harder for me/us to know who’s who and since I know this might
be a smaller and hopefully a tight(er) guild for our pvp needs I don’t see why we should have all our alts in there.

True, for the extra xp/rep increase I guess, but anyway.

I mean I have more then 2 chars on emp side but don’t need em all to be in there. Like many others do I use them for crew
skills anyway. Cause when I’m online all I see is ppl logging to all different chars all the time and would be good to sort this
out and as a Lieutenant I can’t make any changes, not that I would anyway without asking, but you get my point I guess.

Less work for me and the other “officers” to keep track of em all and less need to remove names from the list. Maybe have
some alt rank status. Makes it easier so ppl don’t need to type “this is X or Y alt/main” in their guild tab note etc.

Just a suggestion here. Peace 😎