@Artucrus wrote:

A couple of small remarks.

I do not favour having “a limit” to how many Imp toons we can have in the Imp guild. That would leave some of us, with a number of Imp toons outside a guild – leading to the creation of another Imp guild, then we are all of a sudden jungling 3 guilds! So while I can see it is slightly annoying/confusing for you, I guess you will have to live with it 🙂 Also, in my experience it quite soon becomes clear who are active and who are not. And with member notes you can relatively easy clear up who’s who.

Regarding which guild does what, my understanding is that Rep guild we have (with varying regularity) Op runs, HM FP funzies, GSF battles and PvP. In Imp guild we will mostly have PvP and some GSF. Not much PvE.

Of course this is just my opinion 🙂

Don’t get too carried away here folks it was just a suggestion and when I mentioned “we do both on both sides” I ment that for some of us, me incl, are leveling up as we ain’t lvl 55 yet
so we are doing some pve content, quests FPs solo or together and so on. Didn’t mean any competitive OPs/HMs. I take this as a constructive critisism and always welcomed. Since there
is not much action on our Mumble, which would be alot easier for me/us to talk about all these things then writing these books here 😉

As for Quicky: Thx for the intel about saving your daily space rewards for later use and yeah a shared friendlist would be very much appreciated. Last thing, and I don’t really need any
clap on my shoulders, but I’ve been pvp pretty much latley and catching up from being valor 1 at lvl 38, now 47 at 47 (turned 48 now tho) with 1100+ ranked comms already traded but
nobody saw that progress, just my suggestion. But rest assured I will not stop play because folks ain’t seeing or notice my progress. Be mindful about your negetive feelings, they’ll betray you.