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We have had a chat in guild chat today, and we would like very much to start trying to progress through Hard Modes. Getting bored with SM and the gear drop is no benefit to must of us. We are going to have to start trying Hard Modes if we are ever to learn them.

Maybe go back to TFB, that Hard Mode is dead fun!

I want level 180 gear damn it so really want to start DF and DP HM, we have done them both in story mode a few times.

So far we have commitments from:

    1. Noél (Guardian Tank) – Optionally NoeNoa (Sage Healer)
    2. Tri’ol (Sentinel) – Optionally Jaheria (Sage healer)
    3. Adammas (Sentinel)

Maybe’s from:

    1. Speed
    2. Makk