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    Hopefully all the bugs & stuff are sorted & won’t interfere with a little trip into danger this Sunday as we all try not to die again in a location yet to be decided ❓

    Sign up if you’re ready, free & available to give your precious time to this undertaking 😀

    See you there.


    Thank you for getting this started, Tri’ol.
    I must finish the woodwork on my terrace today, so depending on how quick I can do it, I might spend my evening with you guys, or outside on the terrace. I sure hope it’s the first option, though.


    I want to see pictures of all this garden work you are doing!

    I think I will immerse myself in SWToR today, see if I cannot get as many Ultimate communications as possible. Anybody fancy pugging some easy ops, welcome to join me


    We have had a chat in guild chat today, and we would like very much to start trying to progress through Hard Modes. Getting bored with SM and the gear drop is no benefit to must of us. We are going to have to start trying Hard Modes if we are ever to learn them.

    Maybe go back to TFB, that Hard Mode is dead fun!

    I want level 180 gear damn it so really want to start DF and DP HM, we have done them both in story mode a few times.

    So far we have commitments from:

      1. No̩l (Guardian Tank) РOptionally NoeNoa (Sage Healer)
      2. Tri’ol (Sentinel) – Optionally Jaheria (Sage healer)
      3. Adammas (Sentinel)

    Maybe’s from:

      1. Speed
      2. Makk

    Hmmm..Maybe this wasn’t my lucky day..After convincing some of you to go after HMs, my internet provider decided to mess things up…
    I woke up alright, tried to go on the forums and nothing..Seemed like I had no internet but my icon on the PC showed that everything was ok..Router reboot and reset didn’t do anything..So I called them and after 2h on the hold, my call finaly got through..Their response “There seems to be a connection failure with your area and we’re working on it” ..Now 2:50pm (GMT +2) I finaly got to connect even though my internet speed isn’t at it’s normal..They will probably fix it tomorrow since it’s Sunday and all…

    I’m really sorry dawnies..At least, did you do anything ? Did you try HM or follow our SM path?


    Well we are so glad to hear it was just the internet that kept you away. And your request for us to make more progress was well received and supported by many of the guys who felt ths same way. AND more good news. I ran into an a Tank whom was with us when we were still The Whitewolves, Kel-Tar. Whom is level 55 all geared up who was more than happy to step in last night and take your usual tanking spot!..

    We also recruited 4 tanks yesterday who will need support gearing, but show real promise. So we will be ready for 16 man stuff which we can plough through once we get the balance of healers! And in the meantime maybe we can start to groups each week, a SM and a HM group!

    We took in some great players this weekend, 2 level 55 tanks, and two up and coming and a new sentinel. So exciting stuff.

    OHH and Jay’farb proved to be a natural born killer on his/her first set of PvP GFS matchees!


    Intriguing 😀 That’s some good news..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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