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    Early Pyro I used this Guide;


    But then I found this one which gave an AoE Macro [before I had the AE on my taskbars, this is much easier]


    61/10/5 – Pyro/Necro/Harb [see above video for points but Obviously Pyro is a full spend]


    Main Spam:
    #show Fireball
    cast Flame Bolt
    cast Inferno
    cast Extinguish
    cast Fireball

    Countdown Macro:
    #show Countdown
    cast Prime
    cast Countdown
    cast Burning Shield
    cast Heat Wave
    cast Fusillade
    cast Fulminate

    Cinderburst Proc Macro:
    #show Cinderburst
    stopcasting Fireball
    cast Cinderburst

    AOE Macro:
    #show Backdraft
    cast @gtae Backdraft
    cast Flame Rupture
    cast @gtae Fire Storm

    On the pull use the Countdown Macro – You do damage but never pull agg plus it fills up your charge bar
    Then use spam keeping an eye out for Cinderburst proc. Use that Macro when you see it.

    When Spam starts creating spell timers, think about using the fillers, keep an eye on the cooldowns to use Countdown again and repeat the mix 😀

    Its a piece of piss on a Dummy but great fun in Dungeons with all the mechanics thrown in. Such as if you know you got to move soon then use Flame Volley, which means your damaging the Boss and moving at the same time. You can also use Countdown on the move so your building up for big hits when you stop moving.

    Just a few tips;

    1. Add Internalize Charge to the taskbar and use when at full charge.
    2. Also add Withering Flames and Flame Volley to bar and use these as fillers. This means when Flame Bolt is not instant cast anymore use these [This is explained in Guide]
    3. Add an Interrupt spell [cannot remember name at the moment]
    4. Also add the spells with cooldowns onto the bar so you can see when they are refreshed. This help with rotation management.
    5. Add you buffs as well cannot remember names off memory but they are in the Guides above and keep them up. They are an hour each.

    What I love about the AoE Macro is when Tanks huddle up the trash and you just sit back and BURN the mofo’s down.

    You can ask questions here or when I am in game.

    Have fun



    Thanks for those notes too Mal. Been using the first video for my new pyro soul but wondering about AOE so will be adjusting my macros as a result.


    @Yarissa wrote:

    Thanks for those notes too Mal. Been using the first video for my new pyro soul but wondering about AOE so will be adjusting my macros as a result.

    You watch those numbers just by pressing that macro 3 times *lifts glass of wine takes a sip and puts down presses macro once as first 2 are on cooldown looks at wine..oh go on then, takes another sip and presses macro 3 times again trash dies*

    Runs to next set of mobs



    😆 😆 😆

    Will probably also sort out my hunt rift split personality too (sc/pyro swapping) :mrgreen:


    Ooh thanks, shall have to jig my Pyro about a tad next time I’m around. 😀
    Pyro love

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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