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    Hi all, Glad to be here.

    As we are starting afresh, I have been thinking that it would be a good idea for us to do a brief introduction to each other. Many already know one another, But there are many who have never met just through playing at different games,times, etc. I shall try and keep it short.

    Game Name (Main) : Teragog
    Real Name : Karl
    Location : E. Yorkshire, England
    Games played : Rift
    Occupation : Electrician
    Unnusual Fact about yourself : I have no spleen

    Picture :

    (80’s theme fancy dress earlier this year, I don’t always dress that camp (Dexy’s Midnight Runners))

    Just a start, I’m sure people with much more imagination than me, Will be more creative! Post your’s below!!


    Hi Tera!
    I assume you want us to reply here then 🙂

    Game Name: Miss – something, all my characters start with Miss:)
    Real Name: Tine, alot of english people have some trouble prenouncing it so just call me Missy.
    Location: Norway, Hedmark
    Games played:WoW,Aion, AoC, Warhammer,TSW hmm ok ive played most themepark mmo’s there is. Atleast all the sub once.
    Games I play now: Rift, FFXIV and on rare occasions SWToR and EOS
    Occupation: House”wife”, okok im unemployed.
    Unnusual fact about me: sucked my thumb till I was like 10.

    Beer, who does not like beer.

    No Tera, I have no imagination, so I have to play games, and copy from you.



    Game Name: NoeNoa LightMoon, a.k.a Wyfe
    Real Name: Noél and I too lack imagination so my first character in UO in 1999 was NoaNoa, and has been my main in every game since!
    Location: Manchester, England
    Games played: Ultima Online, Star War Galaxies, EQ2, Darkfall and now SWToR
    Occupation: System Analyst and SQL Developer
    Unusual fact about me: I met my husband, Makk Jagan in 1999 playing Ultima Online through my son and sister who were playing at the time. We have gamed together since, marrying in August 2007.

    Here is a picture Makk took of me when we were dating, fall of 2006.

    Hobbies include: Gaming, cooking & baking, sewing and playing poker.

    And finding time to take walks with our dog Ralphie


    Ok so here we go…
    This is me and my hubby, before my tattoo got finished.

    Game Name (Main) : Tenderleaf and Leafie
    Real Name : Mandi
    Location : Just outside London UK
    Games played : Rift, WoW, EQ2, Skyrim
    Occupation : Student and Carer
    Unusual Fact about yourself : I am scared of dentists and thunder storms although bizarrely i love the sound and look of storms! And I collect tattoo’s.


    Game Name (Main) : Xannziee
    Real Name : Xannzie, what else? ^^
    Location : Stockholm, Sweden
    Games played : Rift
    Occupation : Administrator
    Unusual Fact about yourself : I write with my right hand but hold the pen as if I was left handed. They say its because the left and right side of the brain has switched place in some ppl, but i often I feel I dont even have half a brain…so i dunno ^^


    Game Name (Main) : Al’atar
    Real Name : Ryan
    Location : Newcastle, UK
    Games played : WoW, SWToR, Rift
    Occupation : Business Technical Support at EE
    Unusual Fact about yourself : I rolled my last car three times, total write off and lived to tell the tale!


    Game Name (Main) : Jaedia
    Real Name : Hannah
    Location : Pembrokeshire, Wales (from Leicester though, don’t get it confused ;))
    Games played : Currently: Rift, GW2, Neverwinter, EQN Landmark.
    Occupation : God knows! Usually something retaily. Currently volunteering in a charity shop. 🙂
    Hobbies: Gaming, reading, blogging, writing, stuff and things.
    Unusual Fact about yourself : I have an excellent collection of animal themed socks. And met my other half in WoW 6 and a half years ago.
    Picture : (I did it, ok?! Took this one last year some time for my book blog profile. My hair’s a different colour now.)


    Game Name (Main) : Radly/Davhek
    Real Name : Giannis (John in English)
    Location : Thessaloniki, Greece
    Games played : DAoC, WoW, SW:TOR, RIFT and some GW2.
    Occupation : Studied Electrical Engineering, currently working for Coca-Cola.
    Unusual Fact about yourself : I do not like pizza and icecream. Yes, i know it is weird.

    As i do not enjoy having my picture taken i could not find any but the one below, which is about December 2013 along with my big boy Ares.


    Game Name (Main) : Grimnar
    Real Name : Menno
    Location : Assen, The Netherlands
    Games played : CS 1.5/1.6, CS:CZ, CS:Source, CS:GO, WoW, SWTOR.
    Occupation : Teamleader Logistics at a computer wholesaler.
    Unusual Fact about yourself : Good at giving cryptic answers….

    Me with my little dog called “Rev”.


    Game Name (Main) : Aigafeda/Anivena
    Real Name : Outi (just ignore it)
    Location : Helsinki, Finland
    Games played : WoW and Rift, they are the most important, but I’ve tried a bit of this and that, can’t even remember all.
    Occupation : Production manager in an indie tv production company.
    Unusual Fact about yourself : I cracked my skull when I was 7, that pretty much explains it all :).

    This photo is about two years old, and nothing has changed for better since :).


    Game Name (Main) : Malbec – Was taken when I moved over to Icewatch so I chose my TSW name of Jacqques
    Real Name : James
    Location : Just North of London
    Games played : EQ1, EQ2, AoC, Sw:ToR and Rift, loads of others but not as long as these listed
    Occupation : Construction Claims Consultant
    Unusual Fact about yourself : HATE my knees being touched. 😆

    Picture: This is big me and the Boss 4 years ago. I dont have many pictures of me and this was at a firms xmas do


    Game Name (Main): Simcha (All of my alts start with Sim)
    Real Name: Clare
    Location: Sussex, UK
    Games Played: WoW and Rift
    Occupation: Trainee Counsellor
    Unusual Fact About Yourself: I know 5 sign languages, British, Arabic, American, Estonian and Russian.

    A very, very recent picture… taken when I had a haircut and misunderstood the hairdresser when she asked if I wanted… whatever it was, thought she said blow dry! My hair is normally curly.


    Yarissa – from God’s own county, ie Yorkshire
    Play Rift and SWToR

    I make stuff, I find out stuff (mostly genealogical), I learn stuff and above all I read stuff.

    and in a slightly older photo wearing some of the stuff I have made



    Game Name (Main) : Tanivia (or anything that begins with Tani that is)
    Real Name : Minna
    Location : Helsinki, Finland
    Games played : (MMO:) World of Warcraft, RIFT, A bit of SWTOR (Single Player:) Mass Effect Trilogy, Dragon Age -games, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Portal, Tomb Raider -games, Dishonored, Fallout: New Vegas, Grim Fandango… and lots of more, you get the idea…
    Occupation : Graphic Designer (For a videogame magazine, which explains why my previous list is so long. I do the layouts with the Art Director.. to whom I’m also married to. Meep.)
    Unusual Fact about yourself : I still have two milk tooths in my mouth. Yes I’m serious. My mouth is missing two permanent ones, so they will never come out and replace the milk ones. It’s genetic. Tooth fairy is still waiting…

    Here’s me and some weird dude:



    Hey guys. It’s great to get to know you all a little bit better 😀

    Game name (Main): Kallyra (it was a name I had picked out for a fan fiction I was writing but had to change the spelling when I started playing the game)

    Real name: Bailey

    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

    Games played: A lot. For online games, I’ve played Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Age of Conan (very briefly), The Secret World (also briefly), Star Wars The Old Republic, Rift (for about 3 weeks), the Elder Scrolls Online.

    As for offline, I’ll list my favourites: the Mass Effect series, the Dragon Age series, Tomb Raider, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, The Sims (though I kinda gave up when there were more expansion packs than patches) and a couple Need for Speed games.

    Occupation: Student. I am studying Criminology with an interest in profiling and studying the causes of criminal behaviour, mostly in serial killers (basically, the roles played by genetics and their environment).

    Unusual Fact: I find I get along better with people I meet in online games than people I meet in real life.

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