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    So, I wanted to do this for a while, as we have had an influx of new players hitting level 55 for the first time, and it might be useful.

    Now first some things to make things simpler – I am not going to bother with gear that you attain in Operations as such, but rather what you buy with commendations. For commendations, two types are interesting:
    Elite Commendation – giving mods of level 72 (Rating 168)
    Ultimate Commendations – giving mods of level 78 (Rating 180)

    You get these from a variety of sources:


      10 Elite Commendations – from the first lvl 55 HM FP you do each day = max 70 per week
      2 Elite Commendations – from the bonus boss of each lvl 55 HM FP – I guess this is slow but infinite, as you’re not locked out from FPs
      3 Elite Commendations – from the Weekly mission “Priority Targets” killing three WB
      12 Elite Commendations – from the Makeb “Staged Weekly”
      20 Elite Commendations – from the weekly “Galactic Conflicts” requiring you to complete 3 lvl 55 HM FPs

    Meaning that except from no 2 option, you can get 105 Elite Commendations per week


      12 Ultimate Commendations – from the weekly “Galactic Conflicts” requiring you to complete 3 lvl 55 HM FPs

    Meaning that if you’re not doing any Operations you can only get 12 Ultimate per week. If you are doing Operations, this look somewhat different:

      6 Ultimate (and 12 Elite) – doing Toborro’s Courtyard any difficulty
      12 Ultimate (and 12 Elite) – completing any of the three classic Operations
      12 Ultimate (and 12 Elite) – killing Operator IX on any difficulty
      12 Ultimate (and 20 Elites) – killing Thrasher on any difficulty
      10 Ultimate – using groupfinder to find and complete (final boss) one of the lvl 55 operations = 20 Ultimate per week (one for each)
      16 Ultimate (and 24 Elites) – killing Corrupter Zero on any difficulty
      16 Ultimate (and 24 Elites) – killing Dreadmaster Raptus on any difficulty

    Giving you 88 Ultimates and 104 Elites in addition totalling 100 Ultimates and 209 Elites per week, Furthermore, Bosses on lvl 55 Operations drop Elites on 8 man SM, Ultimates on 16 man SM and 8/16 man HM.

    Now what should you use all this for? Well – gear of course:

      Boots – 100 Elite / Ultimate
      Bracers – 80 Elite / Ultimate
      Hands – 100 Elite / Ultimate
      Head – 120 Elite / Ultimate
      Implant – 100 Elite / Ultimate
      Pants – 120 Elite / Ultimate
      Earpiece – 100 Elite / Ultimate
      Chest – 140 Elite / Ultimate
      Offhand – 140 Elite / Ultimate
      Belt – 80 Elite / Ultimate

    Meaning a full set (2x implants) costs 1180 Commendations and then you still need your Mainhand.

    If you do Operations, remember that the sets have set bonuses – hence it always is better to get the set to replace some of the same level.

    Arkanian is lower level than Elite (same level as Basic commendations!)
    Underworld is same level as Elite commendations
    Dread Forged is same level as Ultimate commendations

    Hope this helps, and let me know if I forgot something or misunderstood something

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