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    The Writhing Horror

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Burrows in/out
    Tanks need to use their gap closers and leap/jump to the boss ASAP when he reappears. Otherwise he will spit stuff at the raid. You do not lose target when the boss disappears so just spam your gap closer as soon you see the boss pop up. There is a set pattern on where the boss will appear next after he burrows in.
    2. Jealous Male & Foul Offspring
    Jealous Male and Foul Offspring spawns in the fight with a red text on screen. DPS/Healer need to be assigned to run to the red circle to “attract” the adds while a tank grab the Jealous Male
    3. Tank Swap
    Tank swap on the main boss everytime you see the Jealous Male spawn. Boss puts a Incubated debuff on whoever tanking it.
    4. Red Circles
    One red circle will spawn on the raid. It will usually spawn where the “flowers” are located on the ground. Don’t stand on the flowers unless you are assigned to red circle duty.
    5. Corrosive Slime
    This is a hard ticking DoT (3.6k damage every 3 seconds) that can be cleansed

    • Corrosive Slime
    Cleansing this DoT will now leave behind a yellow circle on the ground that damages anyone standing in it.
    • Twisted Spawn
    These mobs spawn at ~10% (176k HP) and will attack the raid. Tank them if you can but your efforts should be on killing the boss ASAP

    Heirad, Ciphas and Kel’sara

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Kill order
    Heirad –> Ciphas –> Kel’sara
    2. Heirad casts Surging Chains
    Source of immunity is from Ciphas, who needs to be damaged and then interrupted (Ciphas is immune to interrupts until you burn through his barrier).
    3. Tank Swap (all phases)
    Both Ciphas and Kel’sara put stacking debuffs on their tanks that deals more damage with more stacks. Swap tanks at 5 stacks. Ciphas has a cleave so becareful when swapping around.

    • Heirad Begins to channel Lighting Field
    Everyone need to be assigned to a location in the room that they ran to during this phase. Goal here is to spread out as much as possible while keeping healers near tanks to top them off. The raid will take massive damage that can be lessened if everyone is spread out.

    Phase Two Mechanics:

    1. Ciphas dooms players
    Person with doom need to run into 2 green circles to clear the debuff or they get one shot.
    2. Green circles
    Green circles are spawned on top of players, move away from them as soon as they spawn and don’t run through them unless you have Doom.

    • Ciphas strangle random raid members
    Ciphas will need to be interrupted ASAP (tanks can do this) to stop the strangle
    • Ciphas’ doom have 3 stacks
    Run through 3 circles

    Phase Three Mechanics:

    1. Death mark
    Person marked need to run away from Kel’sara, use speed boosts or sorc/sage pulls to help marked player escape.
    2. Withering Terror
    Incurable DoT that needs to be healed through

    • Kel’sara casts Force Leech on tank
    Tank swap immediately and do not heal the tank being leeched (no HOTs, medpacks or Endure Pain)
    • Dread Guard Legionaries
    Low HP adds that can be killed quickly, one of them casts Mass Affliction and need to be DPS’ed quick,.~ 7k HP per add

    Operator IX

    Pre- Fight Mechanics:

    1. Color coordination
    Match every DPS with a tank or healer. Then each DPS +tank/healer pair pick a color.

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Central circle color
    The pair with the same color as the central circle underneath Master Control will need to split up. The tank/healer stands inside the central circle while DPS channel at a console to unlock two datacores that can be attacked. You have 70 seconds in each colored phase to kill the two datacores (additional adds may spawn if you don’t kill them within the time limit).
    2. Recognizer adds/Regulator
    Recognizer adds will come running to attack the pair standing in the central circle or channeling at the console, a tank should remain to tank them. One regulator add will come instead of the Recognizer add when you destroy the last 2 datacores.

    • Timer on killing data cores.
    Blue: 70 seconds, Orange: 60 seconds, Purple: 55 seconds, Yellow: 50 seconds. Failure to kill both datacores within the time limit will cause the Master Control to repeat that color (giving you time to kill the datacores) but also spawns a Rectifier and any adds in that phase.
    • Rectifier
    Rectifier have a conal attack and must be tanked away from the raid.
    • Adds
    Both orange and yellow will spawn 2x Champion adds called Regulators while blue and purple only spawn Recognizers. You want to make sure you kill the datacores in orange and yellow phase in a timely manner if possible.
    • Color spheres
    Everyone must kill a color sphere of their color to get a buff for phase 2.

    Phase Two Mechanics:

    1. Black Obtuse
    Players will need to find their colored circle within 10 seconds while Operator IX casts Black Obtuse.

    • Disinfection
    Disinfection, a 19k hit (close to one shot) to a random player seems to be some sort of aggro wipe/attack on the player with the 2nd highest threat. Occurs after Black Obtuse.
    • Color Deletion Protocol
    The person called out for color deletion have a circle underneath them that the raid member with the respective color have to run to in order to “protect” them.

    Kephess the Undying

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Tank swap
    The tank tanking Kephess will get two debuffs on him/her and glow. When this happens, the other tank will need to taunt Kephess so that the glowy tank can run to the big glowy circle on the ground to remove the two debuffs.
    2. Focused Laser Blast
    Move Kephess to the pillar his laser beams are attached to. The person being blasted can either run behind the pillar or in front of it (but face Kephess). This will cause Kephess to get knocked down temporarily and take increased damage.

    • Energy Distortions
    They will spawn in the middle of the room and tag on the nearest player. Once tagged, only that player can damage the energy distortion. It is essential that DPS run into the white circles and grab it ASAP.

    Phases Transitions Mechanics:

    1. P1 – P2 transition
    Avoid the walls that radiate from Kephess when he lands on the ground (middle of the room)

    Phase Two Mechanics:

    1. Red & blue circles
    Kephess will leap from ground, creating a pulsating and expanding blue circle to jump down on a random player marked by a red circle. Avoid both circles.
    2. Corrupted Nanites
    Run to one of the pillars and start the channel to get it removed. Destroying the pillar (finishing the channel) when Kephess is near will cause him to get knocked down for increased damage.

    • Dread Bomb
    The red circles on a random raid member that indicates where Kephess will jump down is unavoidable and deals aton of damage. Bubble shield + top that player off.
    • Radioactive Barrage
    Person being targeted by this barrage should move away from the raid and leave the barrage trail in an empty area. The farthest person in the raid seems to be most likely targeted by this barrage.
    • Corrupted Nanites
    Corrupted Nanites does not go away and will keep increasing in stacks (deals over 7k dmg/tick at 4 stacks). It is essential you use the pillars properly to clear Nanites and knock Kephess down to help meet enrage

    Phase Three Mechanics:

    1. Volatile Emission
    He will basically shoot mortars at the entire raid. This skill is easily avoidable (orange circles on ground).
    2. Fury of the Masters
    Kephess will also does an raidwide AoE that deals ~800 damage per second and serves as a soft enrage mechanic.

    • Fury of the Masters &Volatile Emission
    Kephess is a lot more unforgiving on P3, it is recommended that you do the last pillar at 11% so you can knock Kephess down and shave a couple % off Kephess to help survive this phase.

    The Terror from Beyond

    Phase One Mechanics:

    1. Tunneling Tentacles
    They have a frontal attack and should be tanked away from the raid. We generally divide into two self-sufficient groups and kill both tentacles at the same time as that deals more damage to the boss.
    2. Unstable Larva
    One spawn at each side and head straight for the tank to explode unless DPS kill it first.
    3. Birthing
    Occurs between Tunneling Tentacles, avoid the Birthed Larva.
    4. Slam
    Deals ~8k damage and push you back, can be avoided by positioning smartly.
    5. Acid Spit
    Spit attack those not close to the tentacles. The combination of getting knocked back by Slam into the Spit can be deadly.

    • Positioning (Slam | Acid Spit)
    You can have one or two ranged DPS with good situational awareness to stand in the back to eat the acid spit while avoiding the slam from the boss. Rest of the raid are split into two groups and stacked onto the tentacles.
    • Hypergate Beacon
    These Beacons will spawn in between the two Tunneling Tentacles and latch onto a random member (usually non-tanks). Generally they will pull a raid member onto them a couple times before killing them. These Beacons need to be killed ASAP. They tend to spawn when the tunneling tentacles are ~60%.
    • Swirling Orbs
    These orbs can spawn either in the middle of the two tentacles or near one. Whoever grabs them will deal damage to themselves but also deals damage to the tentacle. Using them is optional and you can successfully complete phase 1 by ignoring them.
    • Unstable Larve
    Due to the high health of the tunneling tentacles, you can expect two waves of Unstable Larve to spawn

    Phase Two Mechanics:

    • Range is not an issue
    Don’t trust your operation window here! Even if someone is out of range in the ops window, they can be healed! Ranged DPS can also damage the boss from any platform. Range doesn’t apply here!
    • Platform Positioning.
    Tanks will need their own platforms at the top as the boss spit acid at them (occupies an entire platform). This frees up the lower platforms for DPS to travel to hit the Tentacles (you do need to be in range to hit them).
    • Tank swap
    The boss will need to be tanked here while the DPS kill the tentacles. He will spit at a tank, forcing him/her to switch platforms and then follow it with a Scream (channeled cast). At end of the channel, the other tank will need to immediately taunt and grab aggro as the tank that got screamed at will now take increased damage from the boss.
    • Grasping Tentacle
    These spawn in the lower platforms around the boss and will need to be killed. When these tentacles channel Slam, everyone need to get out of that platform and get back in right after.
    • Hypergate Irregularity
    These spawn in a bunch of platforms after you have killed two Grasping Tentacles. They do an AoE pulsating damage so kill them ASAP (spread out after killing the tentacles).
    • Furious Tantrum
    Occurs at 16%~, you will see a red text emote and the boss will aggro players randomly, damaging them for 11k using an attack called Phasic Spittle. Tanks will need to keep taunting the boss back to them.

    • Scream debuff
    Tanks will need to clear this debuff by running to the Home platform.
    • Spit “dump”
    Tanks will need to have fixed platforms for spit from the boss so that DPS don’t run into them while traveling between platforms
    • Hypergate Anomaly
    These spawn on the upper platforms when the tentacles are at 70% and 25%. You will need to assign DPS who will hunt down these anomalies.
    • Hypergate Irregularity
    Spawns on most platforms once both tentacles are down, DPS will need to be assigned specific platforms to kill these Irregularities.
    • Furious Tantrum
    Boss HP reset to 15-16% (after 3 pairs of Tentacles are down) and starts Furious Tantrum phase where he basically goes crazy and aggro wipes. Everyone need their own platform to stand on and max DPS burn while tanks taunt him back/forth.

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