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    Hi all

    This post is for making people aware who they can look to for pvp, organisers and types of pvp etc

    Quickblast – Mentor for pvp ground and space
    Metralhas – Recruiter for pvp ground and space

    We will try and put on pvp events where possible and open to anyone and we will try to accomodate everyone where possible.

    Space pvp – open to anyone level 1-55 level has no bareing on your grouping (see seperate guide for guidance)

    Ground pvp

    Level 10-29 – this is the newbies area of pvp dont expect alot of skill in pug groups
    Level 30-54 – this is where the pvp is slighly more organised but still with a good mixture of bad and good pugs
    Level 55 Standard – this is where it starts to show the skill or the lack off skill and get your self geared up with the coms you receive.
    Level 55 rank – this is not worth even attempting unless you have a minimum off tier 1 pvp gear and fully augmented up otherwise youll find people quit your group, give your self a bad name potentially.

    Types of games:

    Arenas – standard team death match kill before your killed (ranked games are arena only)
    Normal warzones –

    Hutball – collect ball in the middle and take to opponants goal line and vice versa stop them getting to your goal line. There are several fire traps or acid traps scattered in each half that are on timers.

    Civil war – 3 turrets, score goes down as your teams ship takes damage, first team reaches zero loses.get used to in chat seeing people calling “snow inc” “grass inc” etc. when you see each turret area for first time youll see one end has snow around it and the other end has grass around it, middle well this needs no explaining πŸ™‚

    Ancient hypergate – Pylons – pylon at either end of map, middle area, your team needs to capture and hold at least one pylon while your teams collect orbs from the middle and return to your captured pylon. each round when the timer reaches zero the pylon discharges a enegy wave that kills any one caught in it unless your in rez area or the middle.

    Novar coast – 3 bases regarding as South / West / East, msot fighting takes place at South. You are required to control two bases to damage the oppenents shields. this is a good game that can see teams come back from 4% left and still win. little tip watch for stealths trying to sneak capture a base behind you,

    Bombs warzone (forgot name need to update when im at home) – two rounds, one you defend a series of doors to prevent attackers planting a bomb, if they do plant a bomb you have 20seconds to interact and disarm it if you fail the attackers progress to next section and so on, then once either timer ends or they reach the computer core the roles are reversed and you need to do it quicker etc, if you progress further than the previous attackers the game ends there and have victory,

    ** Please note – if anyone has never done any form off pvp or very little i am more than happy to spend some 1 on 1 time to help you anyway i can**

    PVP little or alot of interest, please feel free adding a replay with your name which of them you are interested in, what you have etc

    Quickblasts – all forms off pvp all level ranges –
    Metralhas – mostly space pvp with bits of ground pvp
    Jay – likes some space pvp new to it (maybe ground also hopefully πŸ™‚ )
    Makk – veteran space pvper when he has time
    Noe – new to space pvp but eyes of a hawk
    Elegon – veteran space pvper likes to do odd games

    Anyone else that has any form of pvp interest? and frequency? no need to post if you have zero interest in pvp.


    just a correction on this topic since quick have typed the wrong name twice so since i canΒ΄t edit i should be posting here


    corrected πŸ™‚

    was doing it while on my lunch brake at work so didn’t have access to game and was rushing lol


    I like space pvp .. I will try ground pvp to get a look at it. πŸ™‚

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