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    Stats Priority:
    Cunning >= Accuracy (110%) > Surge (70%) > Power > Crit (25%) > Alacrity

    Sharpshooter Gunslingers’ rotation focuses on getting as many Trickshots as possible due to its incredibly high damage, and it should always get priority above everything else. Speed Shot should be used on CD, and Aimed Shot only cast with 2 stacks of Charged Aim. Vital Shot should have as close to 100% uptime on the target as possible, and it is better for the rotation, if you have a GCD available and roughly 2-5 seconds remaining on VS, to reapply VS and use Aimed Shot or SS right after, instead of using a Charged Burst in the filler GCD.
    XS Freighter Flyby, even with the reduced damage, should be used on your rotation if you have 1 GCD open, replacing a single Charged Burst for higher damage. It is also worth noting that Quickdraw also triggers Trickshot, so once your target is under 30%, with set bonus Quickdraw becomes a very cheap and powerful ability making the sub 30% rotation far easier to control energy than the usual rotation. It should replace any Charged Burst, XS Freighter Flyby and Sabotage Charge for higher dps.

    Single Target – Priority

    Execute the following ability priority for optimal damage.
    1. Smuggler’s Luck
    2. Illegal Mods
    3. Aimed Shot
    4. Trick Shot
    5. Speed Shot
    6. Sabotage Charge
    7. Trick Shot
    8. Speed Shot
    9. Vital Shot
    10. Charged Burst
    11. Charged Burst

    Multiple Target (AoE) – Priority

    1. XS Freighter Flyby
    2. Thermal Grenade
    3. Sweeping Gunfire

    Survivability Cooldowns:

    1. Scrambling Field
    2. Defense Screen
    3. Dodge
    4. Surrender
    5. Escape
    6. Hightail It

    Equipment Modding:

    Barrels, Crystals:
    • Barrel: Advanced Skill Barrel
    • Crystal: Advanced Red Hawkeye Crystal

    • Cunning + Crit: Advanced Keen Mod
    • Cunning + Power: Advanced Artful Mod

    • Accuracy + Crit: Advanced Acute Enhancement
    • Accuracy + Power: Advanced Initiative Enhancement
    • Alacrity + Crit: Advanced Insight Enhancement
    • Alacrity + Power: Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement
    • Crit + Surge: Advanced Battle Enhancement
    • Power + Surge: Advanced Adept Enhancement

    • Endurance + Cunning Advanced Skill Augment

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