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    Not all of these are my own builds but macros and such are, i will try and keep them up-to-date as the game evolves or i add more souls to the collection.

    Most builds you can see me use on my youtube channel url is in my signature.


    Inquisitor (Ranged) Soloist with some selfhealing

    61 Inquisitor 7 Justicar 8 Purifier

    Usefull macros

    #show Sanction Heretic
    cast sanction heretic
    cast vex

    Manually apply Scourge to maintain all 3 DoT’s fpr damage and selfhealing use your cooldowns as they suit the encounter.


    Shaman Soloist with some selfhealing

    61 Shaman 8 Purifier 7 Justicar

    Usefull Macros

    #show Massive Blow
    cast Glacial Strike
    cast Massive Blow
    cast Jolt
    cast Frozen Wrath
    cast Icy Blow
    cast Ekkehard’s Grasp

    Spam that macro works in both melee and ranged, and manually apply Lightnings Hammer and use your cooldowns as they suit the encounter.




    61 Justicar 7 Shaman 8 Inquisitor

    Usefull Macros

    #show Precept of Refuge
    cast Precept of Refuge
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Reckoning
    cast Strike of Retribution

    Can be used as both melee and ranged, note you need to be in melee range to get Precept of Refuge up for mitigation.

    5 Survability cooldowns party/raid heals and selfhealing.

    #show Absolution
    cast Absolution
    yell Battle Rezzing %t

    When battleressing with a notification so people don’t waste their cooldowns ressing the same guy.



    Strictly taken from the premade guides ingame all three have their unique playstyles and does some amazing healing given you use them correctly.

    Cleric Healing


    61 Purifier 11 Sentinel 4 Inquisitor


    Channel x2 Ward of Flame gives x2 instant Ward of Fire that both heals and gives a shield to the target these are your main abilitys.

    Usefull abilitys

    Healing Flare – Instant lowcost low heal spell
    Symbol of the Torch – Minor Shield
    Symbol of the Sun – Medium Shield
    Gathering of Flames – AoE Shield up to 10 players

    Panic Buttons or Oh shit moments:

    Latent Blaze
    Flame of Life
    Spiritual Conflagration


    #show Flash of the Phoenix
    cast Flash of the Phoenix
    yell Battle Rezzing %t


    Warden Healer

    61 Warden 11 Purifier 4 Sentinel

    Strictly AoE Healing, cleansing & top the raid of build not recomended for 5mans and such as the singletarget healing is pretty low.

    You can see me healing P.a.U.L.A on my Youtube channel using this build very good for keep people alive during heavy AOE fights.


    #show River of Life
    cast River of Life
    yell Battle Rezzing %t


    Sentinel Healing – My overall works for anything build excellent for both 5mans and FFA healing during raidrifts and such.

    61 Sentinel 15 Purifier 0 Warden


    Maintain Healing Spray on the Tank

    trough your selfbuffs you really only wanna use Invocations there are 2 different ones a smaller one and a large one very mana efficient, using the large version toping of the tank you also do damage to the targets around him trough Wrathful Exuberance and if you have the mana for it you can quite easily do 2-2500 DPS from just healing! AOE Healing is pretty weak but thanks to talented Healing Breath it will heal another target and with a AOE trinket that kinda does the job overall pretty nice.


    Touch of Life – Next spell is instant can be macroed but i prefere to use it manually
    Healer’s Covenant – Target takes 30% less damage for a short time
    Vigilance – On a killing blow alt gets under 20% you recive a small heal based on your spellpower
    Healer’s Haste – Next 5 spells have their casttim reduced
    Nyol’s Hope – Next 5 spells have their effect boosted by another 50%


    #show Life’s return
    cast Life’s return
    yell Battle Rezzing %t



    *Reserved for changes*

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