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    I kind off write, something lol well here is my newest wrote it a few minutes ago and I did matching graphic to it, hope you’ll enjoy 😀

    [attachment=0:26okp5wg]Black Angel.png[/attachment:26okp5wg]

    Wings from the Dark Side

    Splattered world and colorless
    people didn’t exactly do their best
    to preserve and keep the light

    Look at us now
    Look at the world now
    Look what we done
    the messengers of the Evil side

    Mother Earth has drown
    into the filth surrounding our lives
    She’s weeping tears of heaven
    immersed in dark clouds

    The sky is bleeding
    so is my heart
    smashed in black smoke
    and pieces of burnt coal

    World has hardened, become
    Ongoing changes, of destruction
    Who cares?
    Our life, our heritage

    This is what we will leave
    traces of horror
    inevitable truth

    Sirpa B

    13:21 18.5.2014


    Very good and very dark.

    The artwork is incredible.



    Thank you Mal 🙂 I’m sometimes a bit a dark person 🙂


    @Aqualuna wrote:

    Thank you Mal 🙂 I’m sometimes a bit a dark person 🙂

    I think everyone does due to the power of the mind but obviously people express it in different ways from just tucking it away in the dark archives of the Brain, writing it down, drawing it or just discussing it.

    It does not mean they are horrible people though, look at some of the great dark horror novels out there.


    There is beauty in darkness, and you write very well. 🙂 Love the graphic too, that is gorgeous.


    Lol I know, and imo everyone has a dark side just as you say, no one is a saint and pure except babies.
    Most people tend to hide it, but the best therapy for ourselves is to bring it out, so to say put it on the table, and deal with it.
    That’s the best way to avoid the power taking over, also the best way to work with ourselves to not be too aggressive in small things, some people just explode for something you have no clue of why 🙂

    But as in dark of myself, I am very close to earth, and it is a matter what is close to my heart, it is true what I wrote, my heart is bleeding with everything what happens today, I see violence, destruction, natural catastrophes, wars, and I just don’t stop wonder where this all will end, does my children have a future, and their children?

    This was previewed in a specific book, and I just see it all happening.
    But anyhow with all this surrounding I try to make the best out of it.
    My writings also reflects a lot of my life what hasn’t been really easy, and still isn’t.

    Well my advice is, Don’t keep anything dark inside you and close the door, let it out in a healthy way, write them down, and at same time write down all positive issues in your life, compare, and win the darkness, it is one of best ways to deal with many different matters in our lives. 😛


    I blog – trust me, I don’t keep it in. 😉 Probably why I’m such a bouncy, cuddly type usually. 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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