ED turned 2 years old yesterday and we were celebrating a bit!

The Boss – under the ever persisting influence of his wine – started with a small speech. For those of you who missed it, here it is:












After we were done cheering and toasting we went outside because there were still games to play and prizes to win!

We started off with a dice tournament. We split into 3 teams. Originally they were supposed to be decided by /roll 3 but since the Rogue that organized the event (Rogues’ naturally low intelligence stat showed…) is really bad with numbers and got confused with so many of them in the chat (everyone rolled at the same time after all) it didn’t exactly work out as planned but the teams were equal in numbers at least.

Each round there was a slightly different rule set and each team, when it was their turn, had to make it through the round with as few members out as possible to have better chances at making it far in the tournament. There was “if you roll the same number as the organizer rolled, you’re out”, “if you roll anything higher than 8, you’re out”, “if you roll an even number you’re out” and more. Everyone was really lucky the first two rounds with everyone passing! Then in the third round about half the participants rolled an even number and were out! We continued to battle on until a winner was finally decided! Congrats to the last three who won the prizes for their respective places! Surprisingly enough, all three of them were Rogues. Can’t trust dem Rogues… must have been some loaded dice or something…

After this luck-based game, our knowledge was tested in 10 rounds of Trivia, each round awarding a small prize! Some questions as obvious as “what’s the max level?” while others took a bit of more in-depth knowledge like “Who’s the leader/commander of the Defiants?”. The very first question though was ruined by a typo by the Rogue organizer. Instead of asking “What’s the dragon of gold and greed called?” she asked “What’s the dragon of gold and green called?” leading multiple people to answer “Greenscale” instead of “Laethys”… After there was another (not so bad) typo in the next question as well, the Boss threatened to have her pay 100 plat per typo. After that it went pretty typo free. 😀

After the trivia was done we wanted to go eat some well-deserved cake but some evil person (those Rogues…) stole and hid it. Everyone spread out to find it then, especially since a bounty of 100 plat was offered to whoever found it! But a sneaky smart person (a Rogue. Of course.) had a better idea that (to his own surprise) even worked, and instead of going to the cake he brought the cake to him! (via the dimension item list) 😀

After a good yummy piece of cake we went off to take pictures. Because making lines and forming circles is too easy (or not) we tried something harder: Forming an “ED”. It was such a mess lol Partly because we didn’t have that many people left (we tried to fill up with companions but controlling the movement of those little buggers is harder than it seems…) so we gave up after a while. 😀 We went over to the little bridge and took some good ones there instead! And that concluded our little party.

Happy birthday, ED! Thanks everyone, old and new members, for making it an awesome place to be. Let’s celebrate a lot more birthdays in the future. <3

One thought on “Happy birthday, ED!

  1. Great evening all thanks for turning up.

    We got lots of plans for more fun [I think]

    I thanked all the members last night but I want to thank Laysa here for being our hostess, great work even with typo’s 😛

    Lets get stuck into another year 🙂


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