Hello and happy Easter everyone!

Raiding’s going well in ED. We have been back to Mount Sharax the last two weeks among other stuff and we were just 2-3 members with 1.2k hit short from going back to Hammerknell last Wednesday so that should be just around the corner, too. We were able to bring in a few new members again though.

MS was quite fun again though. Before we even got to the trash mobs before the first boss, a love quarrel broke out between the used-to-be-a-dwarf-but-had-a-growth-spurt-Bahmi Mage and his supposedly soon to be wedded Cleric “wife”. The wedding that was supposed to take place last Tuesday was put on hold because “something came up”. Or someone? We may never know. It’s hard enough to keep track of who’s part of the “love triangle” (more accurately probably a “love pentagon” by now).

Once we passed the Easter Bulfy that rewarded us with lots of yummy drops, we headed on to Jinoscoth that demanded a sacrificial lamb again. As a tradition (that established kind of recently lol) we wanted to sacrifice one of our new members and we even had one brave new Cleric that was willing to take up the challenge! 😀 So after briefly explaining tactics we tried it out and it was like he was made for the job! It went really smoothly and so it was two more. Izkinra was playing hard to get like usually but we did get him in the end.

Now Yrlwalach was being funky again, too. Playing hide and seek with some people, disappearing from their screens. Oh, and apparently the jelly buff that prevents you from being mind-controlled isn’t always gone after you die anymore? One of our Mages had his own theory: “It was a secret Quality of Life improvement by Trion – it SOMETIMES doesn’t fall off…”. We had a few tries but time ran out and people had to leave so we stopped there. 🙂

Friday we went for a random RoF with a couple of new people as well. It went quite well with lots of giggles as well. “Need one sec” – “One.” – “Okay, wait, need lots of secs/sex…” – “Did he just say that…” Yup, he did. Looks like his future wife isn’t giving him enough secs yet. Overall a smooth run with useful loot for our new raiders/members.

We started RoF a bit earlier than usual so we could still do another old raid as they’ve been quite popular lately for the achievements, wardrobes and with lower level members. We decided to go back raiding Maelforge’s and Laethys’ eggs again as some members haven’t been there last time and there are still quite a few achievements to get for the Infernal Strider mount (and it’s Easter after all)! We managed to get a few more achievements and it was a nice raid with about 15 people attending.

Great job everyone that was around these past few raids. Hammerknell is definitely in reach. 😀

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter! Keep raidin’ those eggs, team!

  1. Happy Easter EDers.

    Great post.

    The last few weeks of raiding have been packed with fun along with making the team much stronger for future adventures.

    Everyone is working so hard helping others level along with getting them geared up so they can experience the mad way we raid.

    It is such a pleasure logging into Rift where Guild chat is filled with questions, answers and hilarious banter topped off with some real whacky stuff.

    Let’s get Easter out the way and continue our march to new places and more fun.

    Keep up the hard work all.


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