After a very quick Mount Sharax 4/5 clear we went off to Tyrants Forge to pay Johan a visit.

Oh dear, what a crazy mess that was;

“lets jump in the water and swim there quickly”, ” yeah lets do that and summon at the other end”, ” we did this the other day weeeeee …….”


“WTF we all died”. “what killed us?”, “I dunno I followed you”, ” WHAT!……”;




“I got here”, “What can you rez me then we can summon”, “yeah yeah get in range”, “I cannot get closer you get in range”, “ah yeah”

BOOM we are at Johan.

[This lot give me stress :D]

Anyways after the best tactics in the world [cough] we pull, some weird stuff happens, we wipe a couple of times, one being 0.25% yeah that’s a number you can wipe at!

THEN…………just a wee while after;


Well Done All was a great night.

We continue to gear up and gratz on all those that got loots.

Proper ED night

Smiley Kiss

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