…there lived a King and his son in a huge fortress. They ruled their kingdom with an iron hand and crushed any that would oppose them.

But there was a brave group of adventurers trying to bring their tyrannical rule to an end. Day after day of defeat did not diminish their resolve to bring peace to the kingdom once again. They fought off the King’s guard dog, Murdantix, at the entrance of the fortress rather quickly and went off to face the tyrants yet another time.

But this time Lady Luck favoured them. All the heroes fought hard, used their previously earned experience in battling these monstrous rulers. It was a bitter fight and looked hopeless for the heroes again but Prince Dollin gave in first. The King cried out in rage when he saw his son lying on the ground and tried a last desperate attempt but was finally defeated as well. The adventurers ended the tyranny at last with barely half the group still on their feet. Great was the joy of the brave adventurers and shiny was the loot they found on the corpses of the King and Prince of the fortress.

But the brave adventurers had yet another trial waiting ahead of them for the King and Prince had actually been possessed by an evil witch from a foreign land! So the heroes ventured into a secret cave behind the throne where the evil witch was awaiting them. After having a bit of trouble with her evil minions the brave heroes faced the evil witch in battle. Still tired from their previous fight and not quite prepared for a foe of that calibre the group was soon defeated. Having to retreat the heroes promised to deliver justice to the evil witch in the near future…

To be continued.


Great job last Monday everyone! 😀 Finally got Molinar and Dollin down! We had a lot of luck with the red areas not spawning in bad spots and barely made it with 5secs left till enrage and all our healers dead and our Rogue tank had used his cheat death ability already. We weren’t really prepared for it but since we still had some time left we went on to Estrode but it took a while to check up stuff and ask our awesome Warriors to respec. We will definitely be back though.

2 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Cannot wait for the continuing episodes 🙂

    Well done all another great step for ED.

    Many more bosses will fall and the loot will be yours 😉


  2. Yea it was amazing to see the king and prince fall.
    Many a night we fought had and went home empty handed, but not this time!
    Huge morale boost to everyone and I think it was amazing that we got a few pulls on Estrode, even thought it was a bit chaotic.

    I especially like it that we killed them before the new nerf!
    Sure half the raid was dead, but thats *ED Style* 😉

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