Eternal Dawn members had their chance to discuss what they want to do in Rift to make the playing experience more enjoyable not just for any individual but all members.

All those online piled into the Guild Dimension and sat round the fire to start the debate.

It was made clear form the very start that Eternal Dawn is not just a 1 game guild it is a multi-game community, friendships have formed across several games and we intend to be here for a very long time.

This meeting was for the Rift members in Eternal Dawn and how we can improve the fun [although it appears we are doing the right thing in any case]

The topics discussed were;

Recruitment, Introducing New Members, What Do Members Want To Do and Raiding.

There was some great feedback, the meeting was screenshot and is now on our forum for all Rift members to read however the headlines of the discussion went as follows;

Recruitment – This continues, and is currently very successful however, we must make our play style transparent we don’t just raid.

New members – We continue to welcome them into Eternal Dawn kindly. We are introducing a 1 on 1 mentor to help them feel a big part of Eternal Dawn, even on day 1.

What do you want to do – this almost turned into the majority of the guild wanting to carry on raiding before we got to raiding topic :P but it was clear that we will continue doing what we do which is; Crifts, NMR’s, low level dungeons, NTE’s and pretty much what Rift throws at us.

Raiding – The hunger continues [see other News articles and our main Rift page]. Raiding has been a great success and more and more are joining us so we have great confidence we will continue with Hammerknell but our main focus right now is gearing members in Tier 1.

We hope the above looks attractive to anyone browsing our site and demonstrates that we want our members to be a very important part of Eternal Dawn’s growth long term.

The Eternal Dawn Team


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  1. Well! A slight overview of the thoughts will have to suffice 🙂 kerb is very busy these days, but i Hope that i can join one more night soon! Anyway, i hope that one of these apartment applications goes through so i can get back!

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